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Our sister discussion space and podcast, the Resistance Bureau, just had one of its best ever shows. Thandekile Moyo, Alex Magaisa, Jestina Mukoko, Doug Coltart and Chipo Dendere came together with Jeff Smith, Mantate Mlotshwa and Nic Cheeseman to discuss #ZimbabweanLivesMatter. Watch now:

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The brutal crackdown by President Mnangagwa’s increasingly unpopular ZANU-PF government in Zimbabwe has been condemned by human rights groups around the world. The level of repression has been so intense that traditional forms of protest are impossible, forcing resistance into the digital realm. This has led to some major successes, with #ZimbabweanLivesMatter trending on Twitter. This show will feature the latest updates from the ground and investigate whether digital resistance can really hold an authoritarian regime to account – and ask what is required for meaningful political reform in Zimbabwe?

One thought on “Watch the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter Resistance Bureau show!

  1. I enjoyed this offering. In my recent interview with Andrew Feinstein, I asked him whether he had a word of advice for the people of Zimbabwe. He answered thus: “Apartheid in South Africa was ultimately defeated by international solidarity and mass protests on the ground. Thabo Mbeki’s refusal to provide anti-retroviral drugs to almost 6 million South Africans living with HIV or AIDS was overturned by mobilising hundreds of thousands of people to protest in SA and internationally, by strategic litigation and by constant local and global media campaigns that eventually forced the ANC to change its policy. This was co-ordinated by an incredible social movement, the Treatment Action Campaign. Zimbabweans need to organise protests against their corrupt government, international solidarity, legal cases at home and abroad and using the power of traditional and social media. It is dangerous, because of the brutality of the regime. But the powerful will never relinquish power voluntarily – they have to be forced into it by brave and courageous individuals and movements demanding their basic and human rights.” You may kindly look up the entire interview by visiting,

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