WATCH! The Kenyan Elections 2022: What happens next?

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Watch the third joint webinar of the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa at the University of Cape Town and Democracy in Africa now. Check back soon for details of the next webinar soon!

On 9 August 2022 Kenyans will once again get the chance to elect their political leaders, and thus, continue their collective effort at strengthening and deepening their democracy. The vote is expected to be the most tightly contested in Kenya’s recent history. At the centre of the general elections is the presidential race between William Ruto and Raila Odinga: the “hustlers vs. the dynasties”.

In this webinar, the Wambui Wamunyu, George Ogola, Gabrielle Lynch and Kathleen Klaus provide an insightful analysis of the presidential candidates and their campaigns, map the party landscape, and describe how successful parties are in engaging Kenyans about the issues of the day. By doing so, they put the upcoming elections into the broader context of Kenyan politics, and show what is at stake for the future of the country.

The discussion revolved around the following questions:

1. The (presidential) candidates and their message: Are the candidates in sync with what Kenyans want?
2. The campaign trail & the role of (social) media: Are citizens being presented with real alternatives?
3. Will the elections (not) be free and fair?
4. How might the outcome of the election change the direction of the country?
For more information on the panellists and their work check out:

Political debates in Kenya, Wambui Wamunyu
Social media is being misused in Kenya’s political arena, George Ogola
Fears of election rigging might fuel further abuses, Gabrielle Lynch
Why do people participate in election violence?, Kathleen Klaus 

Join in the debate... let us know what you think!

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