WATCH! The importance of ideologies and ideas in Africa – IDAP launch event!

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Check out the brilliant round table on the importance of ideologies and ideas in Africa.

The launch of the Ideas in African Politics network took place on 19 July 2022.


Toyin Falola, Professor & Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities, University, University of Texas at Austin

Shireen Hassim, Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and African Politics, Carleton University

Elleni Centime Zeleke, Assistant Professor of African Studies, Columbia University

Francis Nyamnjoh, Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Cape Town

Emma Hunter, Professor of Global and African History, University of Edinburgh


Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy & Director of the Centre for Elections, Democracy, Accountability and Representation, University of Birmingham

IDAP is an inclusive research network dedicated to the study of African Political Thought. As the name suggests, we are particularly interested in the question of how ideas and ideologies shape political institutions, attitudes, beliefs, and action. For more information on IDAP click here.

To join IDAP, simply send an email with your name, preferred email address, institutional affiliation, and relevant research interests to:

One thought on “WATCH! The importance of ideologies and ideas in Africa – IDAP launch event!

  1. A “Huge Thank You” to one and all for making this event possible. I absolutely enjoyed listening to different voices giving their take on: Ideologies and ideas in Africa.

    Now with regard to Professor Elleni Centime Zeleke’s last question, and I am here paraphrasing: What must an African intellectual do in a time of a crisis and [war]?

    In answer: It is duty of every intellectual to render himself beneficial to those around him; to a great number if possible; but if this is denied him, to a few; to his connections; or, at the very least, to himself. In other words: Stop wasting your intellectual gift(s) by sitting on the fence; find a worthwhile cause and take a stand.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

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