Professor Nic Cheeseman joins OXFAM!

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DiA’s founder and editor, Nic Cheeseman, was appointed to the board of Oxfam as a trustee on 6 October.


Oxfam GB is a world leading aid and development charity with 75 years of experience of fighting poverty in collaboration with partners and local communities. It is now one of 20 affiliates in the international Oxfam confederation, working in over 90 countries worldwide. Trustees are unpaid directors who have a legal responsibility for the organization’s activities and have an important role to play, both in terms of helping to set policy and objectives, and in terms of ensuring that the organisation abides by its own constitution and principles.

In addition to joining the Council of Trustees, Professor Cheeseman, who has run large research projects in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia, will sit on Oxfam GB’s Programme Committee. The purpose of this committee is to review, evaluate and monitor programme strategy and development, with a view to it acting as a sounding board on programme strategy for senior managers.

Professor Cheeseman says “I am delighted to be joining such a vibrant and important organization at a really exciting time in its history. In addition to the much needed work that Oxfam GB has for so long done around the world, the internationalisation process – through which Oxfams in different countries have come together as “one Oxfam” to improve programme delivery and speak with a stronger voice – will ensure that it remains one of the most innovative and effective charities we have. I look forward to making my own contribution to these efforts over the coming years”.

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