PODCAST: Fromagehomme on #DigitalDemocracy in Africa

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Professor Nic Cheeseman was interviewed about digital democracy in Africa on the Voice of the Cape radio station in South Africa.

He was interviewed by Shafiq Morton on Drive Time, and you can listen to the interview here:

For pieces in the series, check out …

One thought on “PODCAST: Fromagehomme on #DigitalDemocracy in Africa

  1. Sir Francis Bacon is reputed to have said that knowledge is power. I agree. Societies that prize education as a meaning of making knowledge accessible to all, will always out perform those that do not, on all key indicators essential for development. It is a reality which is clearly visible in East Asia where I now live. This is not so in Africa. For African leaders have shown themselves remarkably prodigious in providing their peoples with an education that excels only in mediocrity, circumscribing their capacity to embrace or take advantage of the digital revolution. This is probably the greatest evil on the continent of Africa, surpassing by far, the evil of not building viable democratic institutions which are necessary for strong and stable nation states.

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