The moral economy of elections in Africa

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Livestream the lecture by Professors Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch and Justin Willis from the British Academy at 6:00pm UK time today (Tuesday 13 June), and access the powerpoint slides and other links to blogs and journal articles.


Professors Nic Cheeseman, Gabrielle Lynch, Justin Willis will present the findings of their research on the impact of elections in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda today at the British Academy in London at 6:00pm on Tuesday 13 June.

Their moral economy of elections in Africa talk can be viewed around the world via live streaming by clicking here.

The powerpoint for the talk can be downloaded by clicking here.

For a Washington Post article on the research project and its findings in Ghana, click here.

For a journal article on the Ugandan elections of 1980 “election observer’s dilemma”, click here.

For a journal article on the transfer of power in Ghana in 2016 and what it means for democracy in Africa, click here.

For an article on the “Voting Machine” and the material culture of polling stations in Kenya, Ghana and Uganda, click here.

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