How opposition parties can win unfair elections – lessons from Senegal and beyond

How opposition parties can win unfair elections – lessons from Senegal and beyond
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DiA’s very own Fromagehomme (aka Prof Nic Cheeseman) has a new column out on what we can learn from Senegal – and Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia – about how opposition parties can win unfair elections.

He argues that opposition parties in Africa don’t usually win elections because governments play by the rules, but because they secure enough votes to make it unfeasible to manipulate the outcome … and identifies three things opposition parties can do to increase their chance of success.

To read the piece now head over to the Africa Report here.

You can also check out the fantastic Resistance Bureau show on this topic below, with brilliant contributors from across the continent.

Chipokota Mwanawasa

Chipokota Mwanawasa is a multi-talented Zambian lawyer and co-author of a recent discussion paper entitled, ‘Elections in Africa: Preparing a Democratic Playbook.’ Currently, she is the Policy Advisor to the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, and also serves as the Deputy Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit. She was an integral part of Hichilema’s 2015, 2016, and 2021 election campaign in which Hichilema unseated incumbent President Lungu.

Aisha Dabo

Aisha Dabo is a Senegalese human rights expert with a speciality in media and communications. She is the co-founder and coordinator of AfricTivistes, a Pan-African organization that unites bloggers, web activists, and changemakers across Francophone Africa. She has coordinated a number of pro-democracy campaigns, most recently in Senegal, and has written extensively on issues pertaining to digital rights and social movements.

Oluchi E.

Oluchi E. is a Nigerian social and political commentator, strategic content creator, and human rights advocate who works to inspire young people to get involved in the country’s democratic process. In the 2023 Nigerian election, Oluchi was a key volunteer for the Labour Party campaign, supporting its presidential candidate Peter Obi, whose innovative messaging helped to build a national coalition of voters while inspiring millions of youth to cast their ballots.

Derrick Nyeko

Hon. Derrick Nyeko is a member of parliament representing the district of Makindye East in Uganda. He is also currently the Shadow Minister for Defence and Veteran Affairs in the National Unity Platform, the country’s most popular opposition party led by Bobi Wine. Formerly, Hon. Nyeko was a member of the ruling NRM party, but resigned in protest in early 2018 due to the controversial extension of age limits for the presidency.

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