Democracy in Zimbabwe

Democracy Ratings

Freedom House 2018


5.5 out of 7

(where lower scores are more democratic)

Freedom Status:

Not Free

EIU Democracy Index 2017


3.16 out of 10

(where higher scores are more democratic)

World Ranking:


Polity IV 2016



(from -10 to 10, where higher scores are more democratic)


Closed Anocracy

Political System

System of Government Presidential
Presidential Electoral System Two-round system

(unless one candidate secures over 50% of the vote)

Last Presidential Election 2013
Next Presidential Election 2018
Presidential Term Limits Two, five-year terms

(applies from 2013 onwards)

System of Appointment to Legislature Lower Chamber: 210 elected in single-member constituencies

For first two parliaments, 60 additional seats will be reserved for women (6 per province) filled through party-list proportional representation based on votes for single-member constituencies

Upper Chamber: 60 elected in six-member, provincial constituencies through party-list proportional representation based on votes for lower house

16 elected by provincial assembly of chiefs through single non-transferable vote (2 for each non-metropolitan district)

1 seat each for the president and deputy president of the National Council of Chiefs

1 male and 1 female seat for people with disabilities elected on separate ballots using first past the post by an electoral college designated by the National Disability Board.


Last Legislative Election


Next Legislative Election


Number of Seats in Legislature Lower Chamber: 270 (210)Upper Chamber: 80
Female quota, representation in lower house Yes: reserved seats


Last presidential election (2013)
Candidate (Party) Votes (%)
1st round 2nd round not needed
Robert Mugabe 61.09
Morgan Tsvangirai 33.94
Welshman Ncube 2.68
Dumiso Dabengwa 0.74
Kisinoti Mukwazhe 0.29

Last legislative election (2016)    
Party Votes (%) Seats
ZANU–PF 62.39 196
MDC-T 30.29 70
MDC-N 4.7 2
ZAPU 0.42 0
Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn 0.2 0
United Movement for Democracy 0.04 0
ZANU-Ndonga 0.03 0
FreeZim Congress 0.02 0
Alliance Khumbula Ekhaya 0.01 0
Progressive and Innovative Movement of Zimbabwe 0.01 0
Freedom Front 0.01 0
CTD 0 0
Zimbabwe Development Party 0 0
People’s Democratic Union 0 0
Zimbabwe People’s Movement 0 0
Voice of the People 0 0
Independents[a] 1.86 2

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