Democracy in Seychelles

Democracy Ratings

Freedom House 2014


3 out of 7

(where lower scores are more democratic)

Freedom Status:

Partly Free

EIU Democracy Index 2014


No data

(where higher scores are more democratic)

World Ranking:

No data

Polity IV 2014


No Data

(from -10 to 10, where higher scores are more democratic)


No Data

Political System

System of Government Presidential
Presidential Electoral System Two-round system
Last Presidential Election 2015
Next Presidential Election 2020
Presidential Term Limits Three, five-year terms
System of Appointment to Legislature  25 in single-member constituencies through first past the post system

9 nationally through proportional representation

Last Legislative Election


Next Legislative Election


Number of Seats in Legislature 34
Female quota, representation in lower house No


Last presidential election (2015)
Candidate (Party) Votes (%)
1st round 2nd round
James Michel 47.76 50.15
Wavel Ramkalawan 35.33 49.85
Patrick Pillay 14.19
Alexia Amesbury 1.37
Philippe Boullé 0.68
David Pierre 0.66

Last legislative election (2016)    
Party Votes (%) Seats
Linyon Demokratik Seselwa 49.59 19
People’s Party 49.22 14
Seychelles Patriotic Movement 0.98 0
Independents 0.21 0

Seychelles on DiA

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