Democracy in Nigeria

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Democracy Ratings

Freedom House 2018


4 out of 7

(where lower scores are more democratic)

Freedom Status:

Partly Free

EIU Democracy Index 2017


4.44 out of 10

(where higher scores are more democratic)

World Ranking:


Polity IV 2016



(from -10 to 10, where higher scores are more democratic)


Open Anocracy

Political System

System of Government Presidential
Presidential Electoral System Two-round system

(Declared in first round if president earns at least 25% of vote in two-thirds of Nigeria’s states)

Last Presidential Election 2015
Next Presidential Election 2019
Presidential Term Limits Two, four-year terms.
System of Appointment to Legislature Lower Chamber: elected in single-member constituencies through first past the post system

Upper Chamber: indirectly elected by senatorial districts (each state is divided into three, bar the Federal Capital Territory, which only elects one representative)

Last Legislative Election


Next Legislative Election


Number of Seats in Legislature Lower Chamber: 360

Upper Chamber: 109

Female quota, representation in lower house No


Last presidential election (2015)
Candidate (Party) Votes (%)
1st round 2nd round not needed
Muhammadu Buhari 54
Goodluck Jonathan 45
Adebayo Ayeni 0
Ganiyu Galadima 0
Sam Eke 0
Rufus Salau 0
Mani Ahmad 0
Allagoa Chinedu 0
Martin Onovo 0
Tunde Anifowose-Kelani 0
Chekwas Okorie 0
Comfort Sonaiya 0
Godson Okoye 0
Ambrose Albert Owuru 0

Last legislative election (2015)    
Party Votes (%) Seats
All Progressives Congress 225
People’s Democratic Party 125
Other parties 10

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