Democracy in Mali

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Democracy Ratings

Freedom House 2018


4.5 out of 7

(where lower scores are more democratic)

Freedom Status:

Partly Free

EIU Democracy Index 2017


5.64 out of 10

(where higher scores are more democratic)

World Ranking:


Polity IV 2016



(from -10 to 10, where higher scores are more democratic)


Open Anocracy


Political System

System of Government Semi-Presidential
Presidential Electoral System Two-round system
Presidential Term Limits Two, five-year terms
Last Presidential Election 2013
Next Presidential Election 2018
System of Appointment to Legislature

147 elected in single-member constituencies through two-round system

13 elected by Malian diaspora

Last Legislative Election


Next Legislative Election


Number of Seats in Legislature 160
Female quota, representation in lower house No


Last presidential election (2013)
Candidate (Party) Votes (%)
1st round 2nd
Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta 39.23 77.61
Soumaïla Cissé 19.44 22.39
Dramane Dembélé 9.59
Modibo Sidibé 4.87
Housseini Amion Guindo 4.63
Oumar Mariko 2.4
Choguel Kokalla Maïga 2.29
Cheick Modibo Diarra 2.08
Jamille Bittar 1.74
Mountaga Tall 1.52
Moussa Mara 1.5
Mamadou Blaise Sangare 1.06
Soumana Sacko 0.87
Oumar Ibrahim Touré 0.82
Haïdara Aïchata Alassane Cissé 0.76
Yeah Samake 0.56
Hamed Sow 0.56
Konimba Sidibe 0.55
Racine Seydou Thiam 0.53
Ousmane Ben Traoré 0.52
Oumar Boury Touré 0.51
Cheick Keita 0.49
Siaka Diarra 0.47
Youssouf Cissé 0.41
Cheick Boucadry Traoré 0.3
Sibiri Koumare 0.29
Oumar Alhousseini Maiga 0.28
Tiebilé Drame 0.19

Last legislative election (2014)    
Party Votes (%) Seats
Rally for Mali 29.4 66
Union for the Republic and Democracy 22.6 17
Alliance for Democracy in Mali 11.5 16
Alternative Forces for Renewal and Emergence 32.8 6
Convergence for the Development of Mali 5
African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence 5
National Congress for Democratic Initiative 4
Party for National Rebirth 3
Party for Economic Development and Solidarity 3
Patriotic Movement for Renewal 3
Alliance for Solidarity in Mali 3
Democratic Alliance for Peace 2
Social Democratic Convention 2
Movement for the Independence, Renaissance, and Integration of Africa 2
Malian Union for the African Democratic Rally 2
Change Party 1
Union for Democracy and Development 1
Party for the Restoration of Malian Values 1
Union of Patriots for Renewal 1
Action Convergence for the People 0
African Convergence for Renewal 0
African Front for Mobilisation and Alternation 0
African Movement for Democracy and Integration 0
African Social Democratic Party 0
Alliance for Mali 0
Alliance for the Promotion and Development of Mali 0
Alliance of Convinced Nationalists for Development 0
Alternative Bloc for African Renewal 0
Alternation Bloc for Renewal, Integration, and African Cooperation 0
Bolen Mali Deme Ton 0
Citizens’ Party for Revival 0
Dambe Mali Alliance 0
Democratic Action for Change and Alternation in Mali 0
Democratic Consultation 0
Ecologist Party of Mali 0
Future and Development in Mali 0
Jamaa 0
Liberal Democratic Party 0
Luminary Party for Africa 0
Malian Rally for Labour 0
Movement for a Common Destiny 0
Movement for Democracy and Development 0
Movement of Patriots for Social Justice 0
Movement of the Free, United and Combined Populations 0
National Alliance for Construction 0
National Convention for African Solidarity 0
National Union for Renewal 0
Party for Civic and Patriotic Action 0
Party for Development and Social 0
Party for Education, Culture, Health and Agriculture 0
Party for Independence, Democracy and Solidarity 0
Party for Solidarity and Progress 0
Party for the Difference in Mali 0
Party of Democratic Renewal and Labour 0
Rally for Change 0
Rally for Democracy and Progress 0
Rally for Development and Solidarity 0
Rally for Education about Sustainable Development 0
Rally for Justice and Progress 0
Rally for Labour Democracy 0
Rally for Social Justice 0
Rally for the Development of Mali 0
Rally of the Republicans 0
Sikikafo Oyedamouyé 0
Social Democratic Party 0
Socialist Party 0
Socialist and Democratic Party 0
Synergy for a New Mali 0
Union for a People’s Movement for Reform 0
Union for Democracy and Alternation 0
Union for Peace and Democracy 0
Union for the Development of Mali 0
Union of Democratic Forces 0
Union of Patriots for the Republic 0
Union of the Movements and Alliances for Mali 0
Independents 4

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