Upcoming Workshop: Taxation and the social contract in Nigeria

Next Tuesday, 29 April 2014, Oxford Department of International Development will be hosting a workshop on taxation and the social contract in Nigeria. This promising to be a day of engaging presentations and lively discussion focusing on a topical and important issue. Admission is free. Those wishing to attend should contact Dr Oliver Owen  by emailing  oliver.owen(at)qeh.ox.ac.uk 

Workshop Programme

Location: ODID, Seminar Room 3

9.00am: Session 1: Technocrats and politicians – the politics of revenue reforms.

–          Olly Owen: Notes on the politics of state taxation

–          Kehinde Olayode: The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the Political Economy of Tax Reforms in Nigeria

–          Diane de Gramont: Financing the Megacity: Tax Reform in Lagos, Nigeria Since 1999.

–          Nic Cheeseman: Taxation and the Social Contract in Lagos.


Chair: Raufu Mustapha


11.00am: Break

11.30am: Session 2: Formality and informality – tax and state power in the city.

–          Leah Gatt: Taxation and the Social Contract in Lagos

–          Shelby Grossman: The politics of order in informal markets: Evidence from Lagos Adrienne LeBas: The Origins of Voluntary Compliance: Tax Attitudes in Urban Nigeria

–          Kate Meagher: ‘Taxing Times: Religious Conflict, Taxation and the Informal Economy in Nigeria’

Chair TBC

1.30pm: Lunch (Item 7)

2.30pm: Session 3: Petro-states and peasants – tax reforms in comparative context.

–          Emily Anderson: ‘Tax and statebuilding in postcolonial Angola and Mozambique (1975-2013)

–          Tim Gibbs: The Rise and Fall of Peasant Taxation in South Africa from Cecil Rhodes to Thabo Mbeki.

–          Gavin Williams: Comments on tax in the history of Northern and Southern Nigeria.

Chair TBC

4.00pm: Closing comments and thanks.

–          Olly Owen

4.30pm: Drinks

Venue: Seminar Room 3, Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB

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