DiA & The Continent: Latest July 4th issue!

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All of us at Democracy in Africa are thrilled to announce that we are joining The Continent, the brilliant new venture from Simon Allison and the team at Mail&Guardian. As many of you will know, The Continent brings together fantastic writing from journalists across Africa and, what is more, makes it available to you for free. From now on every issue of The Continent will also bring you the latest research from those from and working in Africa, curtesy of DiA.

The sixth collaboration is out now and features Aikande C. Kwayu’s timely explanation of why the merger of the UK’s aid and the foreign office departments will revive uncomfortable memories of British imperialism. If you would like your research to be considered for future editions, just send us an email!

Download the latest edition and  article here: The Continent Issue 12 – 4 July 2020

To subscribe and get the Continent direct to your phone every week send us a message on WhatsApp or Signal on +27 73 805 6068.

Past issues

The Continent Issue 11 – 27 June 2020

DIA collabroation: Alex Magaisa’s damning discussion of the epidemic of violence in Zimbabwe and the terrible treatment of three opposition women leaders.

The Continent Issue 10 – 20 June 2020.

DiA collaboration: Nanjala Nyabola’s insightful critique of the way that Africa’s COVID19 statistics have been discussed and questioned around the world.

The Continent Issue 9 – 13 June 2020.

DiA collaboration: Sishuwa Sishuwa’s hard hitting analysis on how the pandemic is being manipulated to strengthen President Edgar Lungu’s hold on power in Zambia.

The Continent Issue 8 – 6 June 2020

An empire in turmoil: African writers on the American Nightmare

DiA collaboration: Professor Winnie V. Mitullah’s important reflections on attitudes towards China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Continent Issue 7 – 30 May 2020

Navigating the Pandemic: On the road with East Africa’s Truck Drivers

DiA collaboration: Idayat Hassan’s exciting insights into the way that fake news is hurting efforts to combat COVID19 in Nigeria.

The Continent Issue 6 – 22 May 2020

How Mauritius beat the pandemic and other stories

DiA collaboration: Zac Chiliswa’s hard hitting analysis of the way that religion is hurting the fight against COVIC19 in Africa.

The Continent Issue 3 – 2 May 2020

On the frontline: stories of heroism and hope

The Continent Issue 2 – 25 April 2020 

How not to handle a pandemic

The Continent Issue 1 – 18 April 2020

Life inside the lockdown


How much does The Continent cost?

It’s FREE.

What is The Continent?

The Continent is a new weekly newspaper that brings together the best reporting on Africa. It is written by journalists across the continent, in partnership with the Mail & Guardian, the continent’s leading independent newspaper.

Why share it on WhatsApp?

By using the same viral networks exploited by disseminators of disinformation, the publication aims to counter the fake news on people’s phones with real news.

How do I subscribe?

To receive your copy of The Continent, email ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to TheContinent@mg.co.za or WhatsApp us on +27 73 805 6068.


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