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South Africa at the polls, and beyond.

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

In this blog piece our Co-editor, Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock, takes a look at the run-up to South Africa’s polls, and the longer-term political questions that remain for citizens in South Africa. Sarah Jane is a Fellow at the London School of Economics. 

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New Working Paper Series on India, Brazil and South Africa


In this blog, the co-editors of a new working paper series on IBSA tell us about their project. SJ Cooper-Knock, Indrajit Roy and Cintia Kulzer Sacilotto are all based at the Oxford Department of International Development. You can find the first paper in the series, on the politics of sustainable development, here.  

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‘We are the relay team': remembering Mandela.


In this blog, our Co-editor, Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock, reflects on the way in which Mandela has been remembered and the responsibilities that come with saluting his long walk to freedom.      

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There may be trouble ahead: South Africa and the ICC


In this article, our Co-editor, Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock, looks at the relationship between the African Union and the International Criminal Court in the light of Kenya’s ongoing case. She highlights the importance of South African support for the ICC and asks whether this support could be waning in the run-up to the AU meeting next month. […]

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Broadening the lens on Zimbabwe: a response to Simukai Tinhu

In this blog one of our co-editors, Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock, shares her thoughts on a recent article by Simukai Tinhu on the political landscape in Zimbabwe.    

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Whither Malema?

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

Few characters in South African politics have caused as much controversy as Julius Malema: how popular is this populist? What effect will his brand of politics have on the future of the country? Following his recent trial and broader tribulations, DiA Editor SJ Cooper-Knock asks what lies ahead for this ‘economic freedom fighter’.

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Colin Bundy on the state of the nation in South Africa


In this podcast, eminant South Africa historian Colin Bundy talks to one of our editors, Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock, on the politics in South Africa. After taking stock on the state of the nation-  now in its 18th year after the transition from apartheid – Colin speaks about the key players on the road to Mangaung, where […]

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