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Opposition politics in Uganda: what can others learn?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Our Co-editor Nic Cheeseman penned his regular column for the Daily Nation from Uganda this week, where he was watching the general election. In this piece, Nic reflects on the progress made by Museveni’s opponent, Besigye, and asks what other opposition candidates in Africa can learn from his example. 

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The Party Rules and the 2015 Mainland Election in Tanzania

Source: Tanzanian National Electoral Commission and Author calculations

Much has been made of opposition’s progress in Tanzania. Here, Yonatan L Morse argues that the CCM remains strong and the opposition still has a long way to go if it wants to be a credible contender in 2020. Yonatan is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director of the Democracy and Governance Program at the […]

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Performing opposition in the South African National Assembly


In this blog, Rachel Johnson makes the case for exploring disruptive performances in South Africa’s National Assembly. This approach can give us a new perspective on dominant party democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. Rachel is a lecturer in African History at the University of Durham.

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