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The myth about democracy in Africa

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In his regular column for the Daily Nation, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman highlights the importance of democratic ideas and memories in the ongoing struggles for democratisation across the continent.

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Save the Afrobarometer: Why African opinion polls are so important

Our Co-editor, Nic Cheeseman, highlights the uncertain fate of the Afro-barometer and explains why its closure would be such a great loss to academics and politicians across the continent. 

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President Kenyatta’s battle over the Electoral Commission

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Nic Cheeseman takes a look at the recent contestation over the Electoral Commission in Kenya, in which protesting citizens were brutally repressed by the police. Nic asks what the chances are for meaningful reform and what this tells us about Kenyatta’s personality as president. 

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Exclusive: Transcript of Head to Head with Odinga


Democracy in Africa’s very own Nic Cheeseman was part of the panel that interviewed the former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, for Al Jazeera’s flagship political discussion programme, ‘Head to Head’, at the Oxford Union on 15 April 2016.  Mr Odinga, currently the country’s most high profile opposition leader, was Prime Minister under the power sharing […]

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Nothing compares to free speech

Nic Cheeseman

In his regular column for the Daily Nation, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman writes about the importance of freedom speech: as a liberty to be defended in its own right and a means to better governance.

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Pressure Mounts on President Buhari

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

President Buhari might have entered office with a groundswell of support but that support is in danger of fading fast, argues Nic Cheeseman. This post was originally uploaded on Presidential Power. 

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President Lungu: the reluctant democrat

Nic Cheeseman

Nic Cheeseman, our co-editor, explores political developments in Zambia and asks whether recent constitutional changes are indicative of democratic progress or democratic backsliding.

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Parliaments: freedom’s friend or foe?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In recent years, numerous legislatures across Africa have attacked the very freedoms that we hoped they would defend. What motivates anti-democratic in these institutions? What measures can be taken to encourage legislatives to foster democratisation? Our Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman investigates. This blog was written as part of a broader series on parliamentary politics for Open Democracy.

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Opposition politics in Uganda: what can others learn?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Our Co-editor Nic Cheeseman penned his regular column for the Daily Nation from Uganda this week, where he was watching the general election. In this piece, Nic reflects on the progress made by Museveni’s opponent, Besigye, and asks what other opposition candidates in Africa can learn from his example. 

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Uganda 2016: Elections and Authoritarianism


Our Co-Editor, Nic Cheeseman, discusses the recent Ugandan elections and explores how governments ensure victory in electoral authoritarian states. This interview was first aired on the BBC World Service.

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