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Done with one election, on to the next: Museveni looks to the future


This has been a tumultuous year for Ugandan President Museveni. In her regular column on Presidential Power,  Michaela Collord casts the spotlight on Museveni as he tries to put this year behind him and face the future. 

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Uganda: Election secured, support uncertain.


Following Museveni’s electoral victory Michaela Collord asks: How much support does Uganda’s president really have? Michaela is a PhD candidate in politics at the University of Oxford. This blog post was originally posted on the Presidential Power blog.

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An interview with Kizza Besigye: part two


In the first half of his interview with Dr Besigye, Angus Barry asked him about his electoral strategies in the 2001 and 2006 elections, including the charges brought against him and his supporters.   After contesting the 2011 elections Dr Besigye stepped down from the FDC presidency.  However he has remained in the opposition spotlight, especially […]

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Women changing policy outcomes: learning from pro-women legislation in the Ugandan Parliament

Vibeke Wang

In this blog, Dr Vibeke Wang asks why the Eighth Parliament in Uganda, from 2006-2011, produced so much pro-women legislation. The answer, she argues, is more than just a matter of numbers: the cross-party women’s caucus has proved invaluable in helping to further a pro-women agenda. Vibeke is a member of the Department of Comparative […]

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Beyond China and Africa: a focus on Russia

In the last of our ‘Beyond China and Africa’ series, Danielle Johnson analyses the ‘warming ties’ between Russia and the continent. She asks whether a more comprehensive agenda might emerge from the ad hoc projects in which political and economic leaders are currently engaged, and explores how domestic concerns are shaping Russia’s foreign policy. Danielle […]

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M7 + 2016: the uncertain formula for Uganda’s succession


The 2016 elections in Uganda will be a testing time for the country, and the thorny question of succession has already begun to dominate the political landscape. In this post, Ben Obegi takes a look a recent developments and asks whether this political term might be Museveni’s last.

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