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The politics of factionalism in a fractured Zimbabwe


In this blog, Elmond Bandauko from the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute looks at the divisions that are currently defining politics in Zimbabwe. The ZDI is a political think tank based in the country, established in 2012.

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Mugabe’s rule: From Darling to Despot, and from Hope to Hunger


In this post Jeffrey Smith explores Robert Mugabe’s time in office, and its impact on the politics and development of Zimbabwe. Jeffrey is an Advocacy Officer at the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights. The views expressed here are his own. 

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Reflecting back, looking forward: ZDI


1.Tell us a bit about the work of the ZDI Trust  The Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) is a politically independent public policy think-tank based in Zimbabwe.   We generate and disseminate innovative ideas, cutting-edge research and policy analysis to advance democracy, development, good governance and human rights in Zimbabwe. We also aim to promote open, informed […]

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Making connections: mobile phone polling in Zimbabwe

In this opinion piece, Alex Laverty argues mobile phone polling prior to elections in Zimbabwe could have made an important contribution to political parties trying to shape their policies, and election monitors trying to ascertain the degree to which Mugabe’s victory was real or rigged… For more details on the technical side of Alex’s propositions, […]

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‘Can’t touch this': ZANU-PF’s media victory


The framing of the Zimbabwean elections has been fiercely contested for months now, as each side has attempted to create the context in which the poll results would be read. In the crucial period between the polls closing and the election results being announced next week, Alex Laverty argues that ZANU-PF have secured a major […]

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Mugabe’s machinations: the strategy behind the snap election


 In this opinion piece, William Muchayi asks why it is in Mugabe’s interests to call a snap election: he warns us that whilst Mugabe is old and frail, he is remains politically agile. William in an independent political analyst.

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Constitutionally Speaking: the new draft constitution in Zimbabwe


In this opinion piece, Pedzisai Ruhanya argues that the new draft constitution in Zimbabwe is a flawed document that fails to address the democratic needs of the country, and deflects attention away from the other crucial reforms that must occur before the next elections. Pedzisai is the Director of the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute.

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Power Sharing in Kenya and Zimbabwe

Alexander Noyes, who wrote a dissertation on power-sharing in Kenya and Zimbabwe for the MSc in African Studies at Oxford University, has published an article on ‘Zimbabwe’s unsavoury path to peace’ published in the New York Times. In the article, Alex argues that ‘The current power-sharing government between Mr. Mugabe and the opposition prime minister, […]

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