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The Huddled Masses: Immigration and Inequality

Katy Long

In this article, Katy Long tells us about her new book ‘The Huddled Masses’ that tackles the issues of immigration and inequality, which have been at the heart of so many political debates and struggles across the globe.

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Reflecting back, looking forward: Katy Long


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, and your area of interest.  I’m currently a lecturer in International Development at the Univeristy of Edinburgh.   My work focuses above all on understanding the dynamics of migration and citizenship, especially in conflict and crisis settings. My first book, The Point of No Return: Refugees, Rights and Repatriation, came out […]

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The Citizenship Market

Katy Long

Drawing on her recent research in Uganda, Katy Long asks how local Ugandans and refugees acquire passports, what those documents mean to them, and what lines of inclusion and exclusion are produced in the process. Katy Long is a Lecturer in International Development at the University of Edinburgh.

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