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The Party Rules and the 2015 Mainland Election in Tanzania

Source: Tanzanian National Electoral Commission and Author calculations

Much has been made of opposition’s progress in Tanzania. Here, Yonatan L Morse argues that the CCM remains strong and the opposition still has a long way to go if it wants to be a credible contender in 2020. Yonatan is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director of the Democracy and Governance Program at the […]

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How did the ICC trial of Laurent Gbagbo impact the elections in Côte d’Ivoire?

Je vote Gbagbo

Drawing on her recent research in the country, Sophie T. Rosenberg argues that the ICC may shape the political landscape for a long time to come. The ICC needs to take into account Ivorian political dynamics in the timing of its rulings – something the Court worryingly ignored during the recent presidential elections.

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Improving public health messaging on Ebola

Chauves souris

In previous posts on this blog, we asked how the Ebola crisis would reflect and transform states-citizen relationships; how it would shape the authority of traditional healers; and what impact it would have on the political economy of affected countries. In this paper, Bernard Seytre explores the effectiveness of public communications on Ebola. His study […]

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Higher Education in Africa: Four Key Challenges


In his regular column for the Daily Nation Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman joins forces with Co-Editor SJ Cooper-Knock to explore the key challenges in African Higher Education: Investment, academic freedom, accessibility and inclusivity. This column marks the launch of DiA’s Decolonising the University Reading List, which can be found here.

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Real governance and practical norms in Sub-Sahara Africa: The game of the rules

Practical Norms

Tom De Herdt and Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan tell us about their latest book, which enables us to study how public institutions function in everyday life across Africa, without insinuating falling into the trap of seeing these practices in purely negative terms or as typically/uniquely ‘African’. Tom De Herdt is Senior Lecturer in political and institutional aspects of development and […]

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Debating Democracy in Africa


Click here to listen to Dr Phil Clark and Prof Stephen Chan from SOAS, as well as Prof Catherine Boone from LSE discuss Dr Nic Cheeseman’s new book, ‘Democracy in Africa‘. For more reflection on the discussion, read Dominic Burbidge’s recent post.

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Is Katumbi’s resignation a game changer in DRC?


Ilunga Mpyana explores the political landscape of the DRC in the wake of Moise Katumbi’s resignation last month. Given Katumbi’s wealth, popularity, principles and political savvy, there may be trouble ahead for the Kabila regime. Ilunga is currently completing a Masters in Public Policy from the Blavatnik School, at the University of Oxford. 

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Phil Clark on the prosecution of FDLR members in Germany


Last week, a German court found Ignace Murwanashyaka and Straton Musoni from the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) guilty of war crimes. We asked Dr Phil Clark, Reader in Comparative and International Politics at SOAS University of London for more details. 1. Why was the case being tried in Germany? The Murwanashyaka and Musoni case […]

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Democracy and its (dis)contents

9780521191128ppc_rev_01 (1)

On 5 October 2015, a public discussion was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) to debate the recent book by Nic Cheeseman, Democracy in Africa. Dominic Burbidge, departmental lecturer in African studies at the University of Oxford, summarises.

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Democracy in Africa and how to improve it

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In his regular blog for the Daily Nation, Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman teams up with Alexander Noyes to explore the cases of Burundi and Burkina Faso, who seem to occupy the ‘murky middle ground’ when it comes to democratisation in Africa, and ask what role constitutions have to play in improving the chances of democracy in […]

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