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Incumbency and opportunity: forecasting trends in Nigeria’s 2015 elections


In this blog, Olly Owen and Zainab Usman explore the course that Nigeria’s 2015 elections could take. Their analysis highlights the possibility of a run-off election for the first time under Nigeria’s current electoral system. Olly is a Junior Research Fellow and Zainab is a DPhil candidate. Both are based in the Oxford Department of […]

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Power and electoral politics in Ethiopia


In this blog, Elise Dufief argues that in the 2005 and 2010 elections, the Ethiopian government repeatedly made empty gestures towards democratic practice so that it could strengthen the state and secure its incumbency without risking international condemnation. We should expect that similar tactics will be used in May 2015 and, despite the political and […]

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South African Elections 2014 – after the party, the long view: part two


In this two-part blog, Matthew Kustenbauder unpacks the South African election results, highlighting historic trends, new developments, and future possibilities. In this second post, Matthew explores the rural-urban divide in the electoral landscape and looks at prospects for non-racialism going forward. Matthew is a Fulbright Fellow and PhD candidate in history at Harvard University.

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Political partying and proxies: a rally two days before Madagascar votes


Here, Brian Klaas brings us an update from Antananarivo, Madagascar, two days before elections begin. If the international community thought that proxies would reduce the ‘turf war’ around the election, they were greatly mistaken.  

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Angolan elections: in review


Here, Paula Cristina Roque gives us an overview of the Situation Report that she wrote for the Institute of Security Studies. The report reflects on what we can learn from the elections in Angola at the end of August last year.      

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Kenya’s first presidential debate

The media, corruption and democracy in Africa

For those who missed the first presidential debate in Kenya, Dominic Burbidge pulls out some of the key issues and controversies. Dominic is a DPhil candidate at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford.    

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Kenya: to the election, and beyond. Part One.

The media, corruption and democracy in Africa

With the elections drawing near in Kenya, Dominic Burbidge takes a look at the alliances involved, their prospects for success and the meaning of these elections for the political future. Dominic is a DPhil candidate at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. This is the first in a two-part […]

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African Elections as Vehicles for Change

I have just published an article on when African elections actually lead to political change in the Journal of Democracy. The aim of the paper is to explain when elections do and do not result in opposition victories, and hence create possibilities for a significant change in public policy. I show that across the continent […]

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Launch of DiA

Welcome to Democracy in Africa, a new website dedicated to creating an online community of people that are interested in, and care about, the state of democracy in Africa. The website will collect together a wealth of information about politics in Africa, along with a regular blog about the latest political developments and research on […]

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