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#Rhodesmustfall: institutional racism in South Africa and beyond

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

Our Co-editor, Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock, explores the recent protests around institutional racism at the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University in South Africa. She also asks what questions these protests raise for universities beyond South Africa.

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President Lungu health worries

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In this post, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman reports on the health worries facing President Lungu in Zambia, comparing the handling of this last health crisis with those that surrounded President Mwanawasa and President Sata.

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Why Africa’s Booming Cities Need More Autonomy in Urban Planning


In this post, Sam Sturgis argues that as Africa is embarking on an urban revolution,  African cities are right to want a seat at the table. Sam Sturgis is an Editorial Fellow with CityLab, where this post was first published.

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Why development is the best way to win elections

Nic Cheeseman

In his column for the Daily Nation, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman argues that those who wish to gain and hold onto power in Kenya should concentrate on local development. Development, rather than ethnicity or personal weatlh and status will pay off at the polls.

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The politics of zoonotic diseases in Africa

James Smith

In this article, James Smith explores the questions that we should be asking about global health as the Ebola is brought under control in East Africa. James is Vice Principal International at the University of Edinburgh and Professor of African and Development Studies.

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Free to stitch or starve: Capitalism and unfreedom in the global garment industry


In this blog, Alessandra Mezzadri argues that whilst there has been an increased amount of attention on ‘modern slavery’ and forced labour in the garment industry, there are broader forms of unfreedom that ensnare the workers who stitch our clothing. Alessandra is a lecturer in Development at the SOAS.

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Global Tax Justice Event in Edinburgh: Tuesday 17th Feb

Tax Justice Poster

Tomorrow, one of our regular contributors – Alex Cobham – will be speaking at the University of Edinburgh on the need for Global Tax Justice. The event is free and open to the public. You can find Alex at Appleton Tower room 2:14 from 5pm. 

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New Questions: Hannah Dawson

Hannah Dawson

Continuing our series on new questions for academia, Hannah Dawson explores the issue of unemployment in South Africa and its implications for young people. Hannah is a Research Associate at Chair in Social Change at the University of Johannesburg and DPhil candidate at School of Geography, Oxford University.

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Just like us? The consolidation of Tunisian democracy


Following the elections in Tunisia, Francesco Cavatorta asks how we should understand the the process of consolidation that is now under way. Francesco is a Professor at the University of Laval.

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Decentralization and ‘repertoires of domination’ in Sub-Saharan Africa


Pedro Frizo explores decentralisation in Senegal, and beyond, analysing the tensions that often emerge between decentralisation and democracy.

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