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The political economy of slums in Africa


In this blog post, Sean Fox explains his most recent research into the political economy of slums in Africa, which has been recently published in World Development Journal. Sean Fox is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Bristol.  

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M7 + 2016: the uncertain formula for Uganda’s succession


The 2016 elections in Uganda will be a testing time for the country, and the thorny question of succession has already begun to dominate the political landscape. In this post, Ben Obegi takes a look a recent developments and asks whether this political term might be Museveni’s last.

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Debating for peace: can Kenya’s TV debate lessen the chances of conflict at the polls?


In this opinion piece, Tim Wigmore argues that the TV debate in Kenya could have increased the important of programmatic politics in the forthcoming election, and decreased the likelihood of violence at the polls, or after.   

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Who is going to win the Kenyan election?

Who is going to win the Kenyan Election?

On March 4 Kenyans will go to the polls to vote in one of the most complicated and high stakes elections ever held in Africa. Complicated, because Kenyans will be elected representatives at multiple levels under a new constitution. High stakes, because the main contenders do not trust each other and because the two of […]

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Ghana elections: Updates from the ground (part one)

Ghanian Election

Voting for presidential and parliamentary elections is currently ongoing in Ghana, as the polls have been extended for a second day. The two front runners in the presidential race are President John Mahama and Nana Akufo-Addo. Mahama is the successor of President John Atta Mills, who passed away in July of this year, and leads the National […]

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Should Africa care who wins the US presidential elections?

On the eve of the American presidential election, Virginia McNally, a student at the University of Georgia, considers whether the identity of the winner matters for Africa. After all, despite much talk of a fresh approach to the continent’s problems, has Barack Obama actually done anything significantly different to his predecessors? When President Barack Obama […]

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Burundi at 50: back to a one-party state?

Burundi at 50

As Burundi celebrates half a century of independence, we hear from a researcher in the country who shares their opinion on the state of the nation in Burundi and the prospects for a democratic future… Last July, Burundi celebrated the golden jubilee of its independence from Belgium. In the streets of the capital city Bujumbura, […]

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