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Here at DiA we have always been inspired by the thought provoking, challenging and insightful work of Stephen Ellis, who sadly passed away in 2015. A new bibliography of his work has been produced that provides a fantastic opportunity for first time readers, and hidden gems for those who are already familiar with his work.

Stephen Ellis was an extremely productive and prolific author: he published some 20 books and about 160 scholarly articles, many of them in top journals in his field. The topics of research he tackled were often ground breaking, and his writing style was eloquent. It comes as no surprise that his favourite journal was African Affairs, the journal of the Royal African Society, of which he was a joint editor from 1998 to 2006. One indication of the quality of his work and its impact can be found in the number of citations of his publications by other researchers: at the time of writing more than 6,400 citations and many cited well over 100 times (one even 1,440 times).

Stephen loved engaging in debate, whether it be with fellow academics, through op-eds in Financial Times or the major Dutch daily newspapers, letters to the editor of the New York Times, with a politician in the Netherlands, or in the numerous interviews he gave.

A quick look at this list of Stephen Ellis’ publications shows the breadth of his research: from South Africa to West Africa, from the history of Madagascar to the role of religion in Africa, and from aspects of Nelson Mandela’s past to crime in Nigeria, to name just a few. Stephen Ellis was a fascinating man and a first-class researcher. I hope that this bibliography makes all his works even more accessible to readers.

Read the bibliography here:


Jos Damen, December 2018

This booklet has been published as volume 35 of the ASCL Occasional Publications series.


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