Open Access Friday: The best free research on African politics

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As part of its commitment to decolonizing the academy and reducing global knowledge inequalities, DiA is excited to launch a new series that will share some of the best research on African politics and democracy that is free to download. If you would like your research to be included, please email

1. “Politicization and resistance in the Zimbabwean national army”. 

African Affairs, Maringira. 8,000 word Article on historical tensions within the Zimbabwean army.

Zimbabwe army article

2. “International Election Observers in Kenya’s 2017 Elections: Impartial or Partisan?”.

Journal of African Elections, Nginya. 8,000 word Article on the controversy surrounding international election observers during the Kenyan general elections.

Kenya election observers 

3. “Corruption and fiscal federalism in Nigeria: Analysis of the federal budgetary process, 1999 – 2016″.

African Journal of Political Science, Egobueze/Ojirika. 6,000 review of the history of budgeting and corruption.

Corruption in Nigeria

4. “Zimbabwe: The coup that never was, and the election that could have been”.

African Affairs, Beardsworth/Cheeseman/Tinhu. 6,000 word Briefing on the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe briefing 2019

5. “Gerontocracy in African Politics: Youth and the Quest for Political Participation”.

Journal of African Elections, Adebayo. 8,000 word Article on generational struggles in African politics.

Youth in African Politics

6. “Political trust in Botswana’s executive presidency: The Khama era”.

African Journal of Political Science, Seabo/Molefe/Molomo. 8,000 word Article on popular attitudes to the presidency in Botswana.

Political trust in Botswana

7. “The Boko Haram Uprising and Islamic Revivalism in Nigeria”.

Africa Spectrum, Adesoji. 8,000 word Article on ethno-religious conflict in Nigeria.

8. “Why is Tanzanian opposition weak twenty five years since its re-introduction?”.

African Journal of Political Science, Katundu. 8,000 word Article on the ongoing challenges facing the opposition in Tanzania.

Opposition in Tanzania

9. “The humanitarian theatre: drought response during Ethiopia’s low-intensity conflict of 2016”.

Journal of Modern African Studies, Desportes/Mandefro/Hilhorst. 8,000 word Article on responses to low intensity conflict in Ethiopia.

Conflict in Ethiopia

10.The Elite and the Quest for Peace, Democracy, and Development in Ethiopia: Lessons to be Learnt”.

Northeast African Studies, Gudina. 8,000 word article about elites and statebuilding in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian elites


Articles are selected to try and reflect prominent recent news/research stories and debates. We have made an effort to reflect a range of different journals based in different locations. If you feel that there is anything we are missing, please do get in touch.

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  1. Wish you good luck with this publication. Kindly put the date of the publication of the articles above and, if yu have space, the authors. I just read No 2 and it is indeed a serious study.

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