How (not) to study Africa

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African Affairs has launched a new series of Research Notes and made them freely available, including a new introduction to the study of Africa co-authored by DiA’s Nic Cheeseman.


AFRICAN AFFAIRS, the #1 journal in Area Studies according to impact factor, has launched a series of peer reviewed Research Notes on key methodological and ethical issues in the study of Africa.

The first few Research Notes have now been made available as a free to download special issue, with a new introduction written by the editors of African Affairs, including former editor and DiA founder Nic Cheeseman.

The Notes cover a wide range of cutting edge challenges and issues, and are written by the likes of Morten Jeeves, Carlos Oya, Khadijeh Taiyari, Deborah James, Christopher Cramer, Insa Nolte and many more … and they are all open access and available here.

African Affairs is currently looking for more Research Notes. To find out how to can submit one based on your own research, go to the African Affairs website.

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