All new and updated Decolonizing the University reading list!

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We have comprehensively updated our Decolonizing the University: African Politics Reading List with recent publications and your suggestions. Thank you! You can find the new and improved reading list here.

We created theDecolonizing the University reading list in response to requests from colleagues and friends, some of whom said that they wanted to diversify their course material but were not always sure how to do so, we have assembled this set of readings on African Politics. This reading list is collated in solidarity with those who are currently attempting to decolonise the university across Africa, and beyond. To be clear, our efforts here are simply to make available as many sources as possible written by African scholars. The list has been crowd sourced, so if someone is not on it, that is because they have not been proposed. We welcome your recommendations of outstanding scholarship to add to this bibliography – please add them to the comments section at the end.

If you want to propose a piece to be included, please add it using the comments feature on the reading list itself.

Join in the debate... let us know what you think!

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