New Annotated Bibliography on African Political Parties!

The Political Parties in Africa project
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Our friends in the Political Parties in Africa research group are excited to announce the release of an annotated bibliography on African political parties! This resource, designed for both undergraduate teaching and postgraduate research, provides a wealth of scholarly works on the critical role of political parties in shaping Africa’s political landscape.

You can download it for free just by clicking here.

Why a dedicated bibliography? Since the era of decolonization, political parties have played a crucial role in shaping the national political landscape of independent Africa. However, research on these organisations has historically lagged behind its counterparts in North America, Europe, and many parts of the Global South. More recently, research on African parties has gained momentum and scholars have produced cutting-edge work that not just informs our understanding of political parties across different parts of the continent, but also in other world regions. 

To highlight these accomplishments, we offer this annotated bibliography—encompassing a range of classic and cutting-edge literature. It is important to note, however, that this bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive but rather to serve as a starting point for scholars and students seeking a solid foundation in the study of African political parties.

What does the annotated bibliography cover? The bibliography includes ca. 150 entries and covers a wide range of themes and topics related to African parties.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Classic View of African Politics 
  • A Virtual Consensus on African Political Parties 
  • Journals 
  • Data 
  • Types of Political Parties
    • The Origins of Political Parties
  • Parties as Organizations
    • Party Institutionalization and Organizational Capacity
  • Party Nationalization
    • Party Finance
    • Party Representatives
      • Elected Party Representatives
      • Party Activists, Local Party Representation, and Broker-Elite Connections
    • Intraparty Democracy
      • Candidate Selection
  • Parties in Office
    • The Rewards of Office
    • The Role and Performance of Parties in Office
    • Dominant Parties
  • Parties in Opposition
    • Coalition Politics
  • Parties in Society
    • Parties, Position, Issues
    • Parties and Campaigns
      • Mobilization and Persuasion (Party Activists, Candidates, Campaign Events)
      • Clientelism
      • Vote Buying
    • Electoral Violence
    • Parties and Voters
  • The Way Ahead

Benefits for Undergraduate Courses:

  • Streamlined research: Students can easily find relevant and credible sources for assignments and presentations.
  • Deeper understanding: The bibliography facilitates a more nuanced exploration of African political parties beyond textbooks.
  • Comparative analysis: Sources enable students to compare parties across different African countries and world regions.

Value for Postgraduate Research:

  • Comprehensive reference list: Scholars can use this as a starting point to explore their research projects.
  • Diverse perspectives: The bibliography includes work from emerging scholars as well as leading experts from Africa and beyond.
  • Identification of knowledge gaps: The bibliography can help to pinpoint areas for further research.

Accessing the Bibliography: The bibliography can be found online here, and will be updated periodically. We encourage you to share this valuable resource with your colleagues and students.

Please feel free to share your own work on any of the above as well as related themes with us, and we will also spotlight them on the Political Parties in Africa website.

The PPA Team includes Matthias Krönke and Sarah Lockwood – for more information check this out.

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