Law and Order in Nigeria

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Hi everyone, hope you had a Innocentgreat weekend.  This is just to alert any Democracy in Africa readers in the UK that at the end of this week I’ll be hosting an excellent event on Law and Order in Nigeria at the African Studies Centre of Oxford University.  Our guest speaker will be Innocent Chukwuma, Director of CLEEN, an NGO that is currently doing excellent work on crime and disorder in Lagos, Nigeria.  I hope we will also be joined by Professor Etannibi Alemika who is a Professor of Criminology and the Sociology of law at the University of Jos.  We will no doubt be discussing the roots of the recent fuel protests, Boko Haram and the instability in the Niger Delta and disecting the government’s response to these challenges.  Full details of the event can be found below.  All are wellcome.

FRIDAY 16 MARCH, 15:00

Seminar Room, African Studies Centre, Oxford University, 13 Bevington Road, Oxford, UK

Law and Order in Nigeria

 Innocent Chukwuma, the Director of the CLEEN Foundation in Nigeria.

CLEEN do excellent work on crime, including crime surveys, work on youth unrest, election security evaluating the role of the police force, advocacy raising around the topic of domestic violence, and much more.

Chair: Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock, Oxford University

Discussant: Olly Owen, Oxford University

Join in the debate... let us know what you think!

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