Launching the Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH)

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A new research network is being set up in the Midlands region of the UK to promote the study of Africa and enable researchers to share ideas and information. Click through for more details.



A group of researchers have come together to set up the Midlands African Studies Hub (MASH). It is hoped that the network will help to promote and coordinate research on Africa among those living and working in the Midlands region of the United Kingdom, with a view to connecting students working in the Midlands into a larger and stronger community. MASH is also designed to better coordinate activities, such as splitting the costs of inviting African speakers and building stronger partnerships with African research institutions – a key priority for many African studies groups in the region.

For more information on MASH, and details of how to join if you are based in the Midlands area, please click below:

MASH Invitation

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