LAUNCH: Internet Shutdowns and Democracy in Africa

Internet shutdowns in Africa
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DiA is delighted to be launching a new series on Internet shutdowns and control in Africa, edited by Mwai Daka and Marisa Lourenço. Over the next few weeks, we will be putting up contributions in batches of two, so keep checking back for more insights and analysis! 

  1. Introduction: How and Why Internet Shutdowns Threaten Democracy in Africa, Mwai Daka, Marisa Lourenço and Nic Cheeseman.
  2. Signal interrupted: When state security goes rogue, Marisa Lourenço
  3. Access denied: How limited internet connectivity erodes democracy, Jimmy Kainja
  4. Digitocracy: Situating Shutdowns in a conceptual digital framework, Mwai Daka.
  5. Behind the scenes: Weaponising throttling, Wilson Wahome
  6. A new anti-democratic tool: The Deep Packet Inspection technique, Gideon Ogunniye
  7. Tightening the noose on public dissent: Rwanda’s internet policy, Louis Gitinywa
  8. Digital authoritarianism: The Sudan playbook, Attalo Alvin
  9. Understanding how shutdowns work helps us guard against them, Nompilo Simanje

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