DiA and The Continent are seeking new writers

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Democracy in Africa and The Continent are looking for writers to contribute to a new series of pieces on the challenges faced by opposition parties and movements on the continent.

Could this be you? If so, read on, and get in touch!

Following a period of democratic erosion and autocratization, is it getting harder to be an opposition leader, supporter and activists?

How optimistic/pessimistic/despondent are opposition supporters and what does this mean for the future of politics?

What can opposition parties do to be more effective in increasingly controlled environments, especially when the security forces actively participate in repression?

What trends are there when it comes to the internal democracy within opposition parties?

If you have been thinking about any of these questions, or think you have answers to them, drop us a line!

This series is part of the long-running collaboration between DiA and the Continent, which seeks to create opportunities for African students researchers, commentators to share their ideas and analysis.

The perfect people for this role are those with real experience or knowledge of opposition politics, who write well, and who have distinctive opinions and thoughts about the state and trajectory of politics in a given country (or countries). If that is you, please send your CV and a one paragraph summary that explains why you are suitable and what you would like to write about here.

Please note, we are a volunteer run organisation. We will respond to your application if we would like to discuss it with your further. If you do not hear from us, we are unable to provide feedback on your application.

(Note: publication in the Continent is paid, while publication in DiA is not).

For more information on the Continent, take a look … here.

Join in the debate... let us know what you think!

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