Democracy in Burundi

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Democracy Ratings

Freedom House 2018


6.5 out of 7

(where lower scores are more democratic)

Freedom Status:

Not Free

EIU Democracy Index 2017


2.33 out of 10

(where higher scores are more democratic)

World Ranking:


Polity IV 2016



(from -10 to 10, where higher scores are more democratic)



Political System

System of Government Presidential System
Presidential Electoral System Two-Round System
Last Presidential Election 2015
Next Presidential Election 2020
Presidential Term Limits Two, five-year terms(Some believe Nkurunziza has thwarted this limit)
System of Appointment to Legislature

Lower Chamber: 100 elected through party list proportional representation  and 18 – 21 co-opted members

Upper Chamber: Elected through electoral colleges of communal counsellors

Last Legislative Election


Next Legislative Election


Number of Seats in Legislature Lower Chamber: 118Upper Chamber: 49
Female quota, representation in lower house Yes: Reserved Seats


Last presidential election (2015)
Candidate (Party) Votes (%)
1st round 2nd Round not Needed
Pierre Nkurunziza 1,961,510
Agathon Rwasa 536,625
Gerard Nduwayo 60,380
Jean Minani 38,554
Jacques Bigirimana 28,609
Domitien Ndayizeye 19,996
Jean De Dieu Mutabazi 4,436
Sylvestre Ntibantunganya 3,952

Last legislative election (2015)    
Party Votes (%) Seats
Independents of Hope 60 77
Union for National Progress 11 21
Front for Democracy in Burundi–Nyakuri 2 2
ADC–Ikibiri 2 0
National Forces of Liberation 1 0
Movement for Solidarity and Democracy 1 0
National Rally for Reform 1 0
Coalition for Peace in Africa 0 0
MRC–Rurenzangemero 0 0
Union for Peace and Development 0 0
Party for the Liberation of People – Agakiza 0 0
Social Democratic Party – Dusabikanye 0 0
Party for Democracy and Reconciliation 0 0
Isidore Rufyikiri List 0 0
RDB 0 0

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