Decolonizing the Commentariat Contact List – UPDATED

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Here at DiA we get requests almost every day for @fromagehomme to give an interview or comment on a particular story from journalists around the world. We usually respond by saying that he is always happy to talk to the media, but have they first contacted researchers from the country concerned. Very often the response is “no”, and the most common reason given is that it is not easy to work out who to get in touch with. To put that right, we have created the Decolonizing the Commentariat Contact List.

Like our Decolonizing the Academy reading list, this contact list has been created in solidarity with the #BlackInTheIvory movement and those who wish to overcome global inequalities in the production of and access to knowledge and information. The list has been crowd sourced, so if someone is not on it, that is just because they have not been proposed yet – so please use the comments section at the end to share your recommendations. The list will be better the more people contribute, and we will endeavour to update it as regularly as possible. Last update: 20 September 2020.

You can download a PDF of the list here.

Please note that the aim of the list is to highlight independent and critical voices and so we have not included people that are clearly members or spokespeople for a particular political party. As we cannot store personal details in a public place, we provide the Twitter accounts/personal and institutional webpages through which individuals can be reached. If you struggle to contact anyone please send us an email and we will endeavour to put you in touch.

For now the contact list is arranged by country because this is how suggestions have come in – it does not in any way suggest that the individuals listed are country experts more than they are thematic experts. We hope to also have the contact list arranged by topic soon … please bear with us.

Finally, if you are included on the list but wish not to be, or would like to amend your details, just drop us a line here.

Name Areas of expertise Can be reached at …
Carlos Pacatolo Party politics, elections, public opinion, democracy, development Work page
Paulo Faria Party politics, democracy, Development Facebook page
Ella Abatan Governance, politics, extremism, also Mali and Niger @krisellan
Burkina Faso    
Habibou Fofana Media, labour, social movements Work page
Claude-Richard Mbowu Conflict, Boko Haram in Cameroon Work page
Hubert Kinkoh Peace, security, Africa-China @hubertusking89
Lem Atanga

Gender, media, politics

Leonide Awah Justice/rule and law, politics @AwahLeonide
Mimi Mefo

Politics, democracy, society

Nadine Machikou Civil service, gender, politics @MachikouNadine
Cape Verde    
Eurídice Monteiro Gender, Democracy @eurymonteiro
Jose Maria Gomes Lopes Civil society, democracy, politics Facebook page
Côte d’Ivoire    
Arsène Brice Bado Democracy, elections @bricebado
Baudelaire Mieu Democracy, political economy @BMieu 
Francis Akindès Democracy, political economy, reconciliation Work page
Leonard Mbulle-Nziege Politics, elections, ResearchGate page
Claude Iguma Wakeng Politics, mining, taxation ResearchGate page
Ilunga Mpanya Politics, aviation, aerospace, business strategy @i_mpyana
Lungile Mabundza Gender, development, politics ResearchGate page
Yacob Mulugetta Climate change, environment and development Work page
Yohannes Woldemariam Politics, elections, political parties @Lionmatic
Al-Amin Kimathi Indigenous knowledge, human rights, social & ecological justice activist
David Ndii Development, economics, politics @DavidNdii
Godwin Murunga Politics, elections, constitutions, civil society @GodwinMurunga
Grace Musila Gender, race, arts and literature, comedy, tourism Work page
Jerotich Seii Environmental, socioeconomic & human rights activist
John-Allan Namu Media, politics, journalism @johnallannamu
Karuti Kanyinga Politics, elections, devolution, development @karutikk
Mordecai Ogada Environmental rights, human rights @m_ogada
Ken Opalo Politics, developments, parliamentary affairs @kopalo
Kimani Njogu Politics of language, democracy art, media
Lemayian Njenga Karugia Politics, political memory
Nanjala Nyabola Technology, democracy, leapfrogging. @nanjala1
Ngala Chome History, politics, Mombasa and coastal politics @NgalaChome
Njoki Wamai Politics, International Criminal Court, gender and human rights @njokiwamai
Patrick Gathara Politics, international affairs, satirist @gathara
Rasna Warah Politics, international affairs, development @RasnaWarah
Scovian Lillian Development, decentralization @RellyScovian
Shadrack Nasong’o Politics, constitutions, identity conflict, development Work page
Solomon Ambuku Governance, human rights, environment @solo_ambuku
Violet Matiru Environment, rural development @VMatiru
Wanjeri Nderu Human rights, mental health, politics @WanjeriNderu
Winnie Mitullah Politics, public administration, local governance, survey research @MitullahWinnie
Winnie Okello Engineering, intersectional identity @AfricaEngineeringNews
Zac Chiliswa Peacebuilding, democracy, online activism @zchiliswa
The Gambia    
Ayeshah Harun Justice @ayeshahHaru
Sait Matty Jaw Politics, justice @saitmatty
Salieu Taal Justice, politics @salieutaal
E.Gyimah-Boadi Democracy, elections, civil society, public opinion @gyimahboadi
H. Kwesi Prempeh Law, politics, civil society Work page
Kweku Opoku-Agyemong Development econ, artificial intelligence, foreign aid @Kweku_OA
Mary Setrana Migration, citizenship @mbsetrana
Victoria Okoye Urban development, feminism, youth @_ogoegbunam_
Wunpini F. Mohammed Media, communications, feminism, security @wunpini_fm
Razak M. Gyasi Ageing, health, social protection Work page
Carlos Cardoso Anthropology, governance, citizenship Work page
Miguel de Barros Party politics,  elections development, civil society @debarros_en
Moletsane Monyake Politics, corruption
Ibrahim al-Bakri Nyei Governance, politics @Ibnyei
Robtel Pailey Politics, corruption, social justice @RobtelNeajai
W. Gyude Moore Politics, policy, democracy @gyude_moore
Fatima Al Ansar Foreign policy, politics, human rights @FatimaAlAnsar2
Gary Tounkara Daouda Migration, refugees Work page
Boniface Dulani Politics, elections, public opinion @bonidulani
Chimwemwe Fabiano Anne Humanitarian aid, gender, leadership, development @MwemweFabiano
Golden Matonga Politics, elections, rule of law @GoldenMatonga
Maziko Matemvu Gender, feminism, intersectional politics, youth @mazikospeaks
Carlos Shenga Elections, political parties, democracy & COVID19 Work page
José Macuane Party politics, elections, public opinion, democracy, development, extractive industries @JaimeMacuane
Michael Sambo Political economy, Chinese investment Work page
Rosimina Ali Social inequality, employment, finance, political economy Work page
Salvador Forquilha Civil Society, decentralization, politics, conflict in northern Mozambique Work page
Sergio Chichava Politics and decentralisation, China and Brazil in Africa Work page
Alicia Ndlovu Political economy of development; extractive resources Work page
Mahaman Tidjani Alou Regional security, judiciary, local state Work page
Chiedo Nwankwor Gender, politics @ChiedoChichi
Chitra Nagarajan Climate change, conflict, feminism Personal website
Chukwumerije (Chuks) Okereke Global environmental politics, climate change Personal website
Cyril Obi Oil politics, conflict, peacebuilding Work page
Daniel Agbiboa Rule of law, Boko Haram, Security @DanielAgbiboa
Ebehi Iyoha Economy, trade @Ebehi_Iyoha
Fola Aina Security, politics, regional relations @folanski
Idayat Hassan Politics, development, social media @HassanIdayat
Nnimmo Bassey Environmental justice, civil society, arts, climate change @NnimmoB
 Ife Sinachi

Development, marine ecosystem, security

Nonso Obikili Economics, historical legacies of colonialism, taxation @nonso2
Timothy Nubi Urban regeneration, development, housing Work page
Zainab Usman Economics, political-economy @MssZeeUsman
Chantal Ingabire Peacebuilding, public health, youth @CIngabire1
David Mwambari Security, leadership, politics, comedy @dsfactories
Fred Golooba-Mutebi Politics, governance @FgoloobaMutebi
Amadou Sy Finance, aid, private investment @ASYAfrica
Barrel Gueye Education, social justice, gender LinkedIn Profile
Gilles Olakounlé Yabi Politics, development economics, political economy @YabiGilles
Oumar Ba Transitional justice, international institutions, International Criminal Court @oumarkba
Sierra Leone    
Andrew Lavali Governance, politics @andrewlavali
Ato Kwamena Onoma Refugees, immigration, land conflict, conflict, epidemics. LinkedIn Profile
Bintu Mansaray Health, policy, gender @BintuMansaray9
Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Democracy, politics, human rights @saffaAbdulai
Marcella Samba Sesay Governance, politics @cellasey
Umaru Fofana Journalism, politics, elections @UmaruFofana
Vicky Remoe Politics, social media @VickieRemoe
Abdirashid Hashi Security issues, Somalia and the Horn of Africa @analystsomalia
Ikran Abdullahi Peace, security, gender @ikys2008
South Africa    
Amanda Rinquest Rights, civil society, inequality
Ayabonga Cawe Economics, development economics, public policy
Nicky Falkof Race, race relations and anxiety
Charles Fombad Rule of law, constitutionalism, politics Work page
Duma Gqubule Economic development, business, COVID19 @DumaGqubule
Eusebius McKaiser SA politics, race relations, philosophy @eusebius
Ferial Haffajee Journalism, politics, race @ferialhaffajee
Francis Nyamnjoh Media, politics, race relations, xenophobia, also Cameroon Work page
Jamil Farouk Politics, diversity studies, LGBT+ @JamilFarouk
Khadija Patel Journalism, politics, race relations, gender, religion. @khadijapatel
Keval Harie  LGBT+ issues, human rights @KevalHarie
Mandisa Shandu Rule of law, human rights, land and housing @MandiShandu
Mbongiseni Buthelezi Politics, civil service, traditional leadership, land @mbongi19
Lebohang Pheko Public policy, development @Liepollo9
Ranjeni Munusamy Journalism, politics @RanjeniM
Sebabatso Manoeli Racial equality, justice, Sudanese politics @SManoeli
Shireen Hassim Politics, gender, feminism Work page
Sithembile Mbete Politics, universities and education policy @sthembethe
Srila Roy Gender, violence Work page
William Gumede Leadership, politics, party politics @william_gumede
Tawanda Nyawasha Politics, violence, social policy Work page
South Sudan    
Ibrahim Magara Democracy, radicalization, peace processes @magara_i
Jimmy Awany Governance, peacebuilding, development Work page
Hala Y Alkarib Politics, gender justice, democracy @Halayalkarib
Isma’il Kushkush Politics, media @ikushkush
Jok Madut Jok Security governance, Sudan and South Sudan @jokmadut
Marwa Gibril Public policy, healthcare @MarwaGibril
Aidan Eyakuze Politics, transparency @aeyakuze
Aikande C. Kwayu Politics, foreign aid, development, social media @aikande
Chambi Chachage Society, business, politics @Udadisi
Constantine Manda Development, economics poverty reduction, policy @msisiri
Elsie Eyakuze Politics, society, culture @MikocheniReport
Fatma Karume Rule of law, politics, gender @fatma_karume
Maria Sarungi Tsehai Media, communications @MariaSTsehai
Mwanahamisi Singano Gender, governance, economic justice @MSalimu
Thabit Jacob Resource governance, politics, mining, oil and gas and energy.  @ThabitSenior
David Tchakoura Politics, diaspora, integration Email
Angelo Izama Politics, Oil, Regional Security Personal website
Anne Abaho Development, politics, elections LinkedIn Profile
David Walakira

Economics, budget, public finance management

David N. Tshimba Politics, peacebuilding, conflict @DavidTshimba
Ganzi Muhanguzi

International Development, Media and Communications, Politics

Godber Tumushabe Law, policy analysis @GodberTumushabe
Jackie Kemigisa Politics, gender, feminism @JackyKemigisa
Pamela Khanakwa Land issues, political and social history of Eastern Uganda: LinkedIn Profile
Patrick Katabaazi Kiconco

Economics, public policy, economic social and cultural rights

Ramathan Ggoobi Economics @rggoobi
Tabu Butagira Politics, Regional Security @tbutagira 
Chibamba Kanyama Economy, political-economy @ChibambaFavour
Grieve Chelwa Economy, political-economy @gchelwa
Ndangwa Noyoo Party politics, elections, democracy @ndangwa_noyoo
Laura Miti Politics, society, gender, human rights @LauraMiti
Linda Kasonde Civil society, governance @LindaKasonde
Patience Mususa Privatization, development Work page
Sishuwa Sishuwa Politics, history, political leaders, democracy @ssishuwa
Alex Magaisa Law, human rights. @wamagaisa
Bruce Mutsvairo Journalism, media, politics @bruce_mutsvairo
Mantate Mlotshwa Democracy, gender, human rights @MantateQueeneth
Mcdonald Lewanika  Civil society, politics, elections  LinkedIn Profile
Takura Zhangazha Democracy, human rights, opposition politics @takurazhangazha
Tarisai Mutangi

Human rights, public interest law, rule of law

Thandekile Moyo Democracy, human rights @Mamoxn
Wadeisor Rukato China/Africa, security, youth @Wadeisor
Simbarashe Gukurume Youth in politics, livelihoods,  informality @sgukurume
Zvenyika Mugari Democracy, press freedom Work page

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