We want YOU to write for Democracy in Africa

This platform exists to share news and analysis about all aspects of African politics and nothing gives us more pleasure than publishing a new author.

We are particularly keen to receive pieces based on in-country research, recent events and from people living in Africa.

We also publish a small edit of one of our pieces in the award winning The Continent magazine once a week, which pays a small fee.

Desired topics include; elections, corruption, human rights abuses, unsung heroes, popular culture, democratic institutions, political identities, the media, commodities, and important stories that have been missed by the mainstream press.

Please note that we are a voluntary enterprise with no income, so we are not able to pay for pieces published on DiA only.



How to Submit

Articles should be between 800 and 1,000 words.

Please write in accessible language and don’t use jargon – the aim of the website is to communicate to a broad audience so we try and write in a way that everyone can understand.

Keep it snappy and make sure that the first few lines tell the reader what the piece is about, what you want to argue, and why we should care.

Please send through a high quality image of the topic you are writing about that you have the rights to (i.e. you took it or it has explicitly been made freely available). We like to feature these with our articles.

Please make sure that you include hyperlinks in the text (i.e. link to other articles and online sources that back up your claims and data).

Once your article is ready to submit, please email it to us at: 


We are always happy to discuss ideas with potential authors, so please feel free to send us an email before submitting your piece to check that it will fit with the website and that we don’t already have someone scheduled to write on the topic. 


You can contact us here.