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Escalating violence in Central African Republic exposes limits of UN peacekeeping

David Bruckmeier analyses the limits of UN peacekeeping operations in the Central African Republic conflict as violence escalates to near unprecedented levels.

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Young female political activists and the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe

Simbarashe argues that young female political activists have injected new energy and reconfigured Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

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Togo’s uncertain path to democracy

David argues that for anti-government protests in Togo to achieve genuine democratic change they should have two essential ingredients – a pro-democratic military and positive  involvement of external powers.  

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“Fresh” Kenyan election results now in !

Click through for the results of the “fresh” Kenyan election of 26th October 2017, broken down by county, with a note on how the electoral commission has miscalculated voter turnout.

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The election that no one won

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman reviews the latest Kenyan election on 26th October, explains why this is one poll in which on one emerged a winner, and looks ahead to the future of Kenyan democracy

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Odinga withdraws from Kenyan election

Raila Odinga has withdrawn from the Kenyan election on October 26th, arguing that it is not possible to hold a free and fair contest under current conditions. Click through for the official statement.

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Professor Nic Cheeseman joins OXFAM!

DiA’s founder and editor, Nic Cheeseman, was appointed to the board of Oxfam as a trustee on 6 October.

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Can President Zuma survive in South Africa?

Low on allies but not out of ideas, what next for President Zuma? Nicole Beardsworth analyses what the future has in story for the beleaguered leader, and issues an important reminder not to underestimate his staying power.

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Politics and satire in Africa: Lessons from Kenya

There are still tickets left to see DiA’s Nic Cheeseman in conversation with the legendary political satirist Gado about African politics, satire and Kenyan elections in London on Tuesday 10 October.

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Kenyan election: Only compromise between parties can guarantee poll

Fresh analysis from Nic Cheeseman of the upcoming presidential election in Kenya, scheduled for 26 October. Can a credible poll be organized in time, and if so what needs to happen to make that possible?

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