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New Book Blog: How to rig an election and get away with it

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman celebrates the publication of his new book in the UK by writing a column with co-author Brian Klaas that summarises some of its key lessons and explains how dictators manipulate elections to strengthen their grip on power.

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Leaving the girls behind: child soldiers in the DRC

What happens when child soldiers return home? Bill Snaddon writes about the fraught experiences of female child soldiers re-joining their families and communities in eastern DRC, as exposed in the latest research from Child Soldiers International.

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New Book Blog: Why African leaders are more constrained by democratic rules than you would think

Nic Cheeseman shares some of the highlights of his new book – Institutions and Democracy in Africa (CUP, 2018) – arguing that failing to recognise the importance of the rules of the democratic game creates a misleading picture of the continent’s politics.

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Bad Khama: The Corruption of the Botswanan Presidency

Kenneth Good looks back at the legacy of General Ian Khama, who has just announced that he will soon step down as president of Botswana, and concludes that the best thing about his time in office is that it is now over …

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Incumbency and elections: the 2019 polls in Botswana and South Africa

Nicole Beardsworth explains why Ian Khama’s retirement and removal of Jacob Zuma in South Africa is not a strengthening of democracy but a means to revive the waning fortunes of their dominant parties.

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Zimbabwe’s Predatory State: Party, Military and Business

In this article, Jabusile Shumba discusses his recently published book: Zimbabwe’s predatory state: Party, military and business. He argues that the voracious modes of accumulation and militarised political reproduction transformed and sustains Zimbabwe’s predatory state.

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A Green Victory: Sierra Leone’s Presidential Runoff and President Maada Bio’s Challenges Ahead

In the final of a two part series on the Sierra Leone elections, now that the run-off results are in, Laura Martin reflects on why the SLPP pipped the APC to the post, and the challenges that await President Maada Bio.

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Sierra Leone’s 2018 Elections: Consolidating post-war democracy?

Will the conduct of regular elections in Sierra Leone translate into improved governance? Mohamed Sesay argues that although it may not, there is no doubt that peaceful transfer of power is being institutionalized.

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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela: revolutionary who kept the spirit of resistance alive

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, one of the most prominent women in the struggle against apartheid and colonialism in Africa died at the age of 81. In this article, Shireen Hassim reflects on her life and legacy.

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How to Rig an Election

The new book from DiA’s Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas has been making headlines, with a front page cover story for the Spectator and a lively podcast. Find out how to rig an election, and why counterfeit democrats are able to remain one step ahead of election observers.

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