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Changing of the guard?


Justin Willis asks what is in store for Uganda now that Mbabazi has committed to run in elections, compares his candidature to Museveni’s previous opponents, and explains how his candidacy will be shaped by the need for cash on the campaign trail.

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Rival to President Museveni announces bid for top job in 2016 elections

In this post, Michaela Collord gives us her insights on Ugandan politics in the wake of Amama Mbabazi’s announcement that he will fight Yoweri Museveni in the upcoming elections.

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Edwin Cameron at the Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture

The annual Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture was given this afternoon by Justice Edwin Cameron, who spoke on Fidelity and Betrayal under Law. The memorial lecture is in honour of Bram Fischer QC (Orange Free State & New College 1931), who defended Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the liberation movement when on trial for their […]

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Power play in Kenya and the ‘ideology of order’

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Nic Cheeseman explores the political battle underway in Kenya between county assemblies, the National Assembly, and the Senate. He asks what consequences these might have for Kenyatta’s pledge to provide domestic order and, in doing so, secure his own seat in power.

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Nic Cheeseman launches his new book ‘Democracy in Africa’

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This week marked the launch of our co-editor Nic Cheeseman’s exciting new text ‘Democracy in Africa’. Here, he tells us more about this important contribution to the field.

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Porridge, piety and patience: Why traditional Qur’anic students in northern Nigeria feel embarrassed to be poor

Hannah Hoechner

This month, we will be starting a series on security in Nigeria. Our definition of security will be broad, as is our interest in the factors that drive it. As part of this series, Hannah Hoechner explores the ways in which poverty is shamed and hidden in Nigeria. She questions the connections and disconnections between young people’s […]

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Al-Bashir easily wins re-election bid in Sudan

Democracy in Africa

In contrast to the positive picture from Nigeria, portraits of the Sudanese electoral landscape look bleak. Michaela Collord explores. Michaela is a PhD candidate in politics at the University of Oxford. This blog post was originally posted on the Presidential Power blog. 

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Briefing Note: South Sudan conflict


Clémence Pinaud provides us with a briefing note and update on South Sudan’s third civil war. Clémence is a historian and a post-doctoral fellow at NYU Shanghai. Her research interests include gender and sexual violence, civilian-guerrilla groups relationships, and the war economy.

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The Bardo terrorist attack: An obstacle to democratisation in Tunisia?


Chiara Loschi explores the recent terrorist attack in Tunisia and its implications for the political and economic future of the country. Chiara is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Turin, in the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society.

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No shortcuts to holistic growth – invest in education

Nic Cheeseman

In his fortnightly column for the Daily Nation, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman explores the importance of education for the developmental and democratic future of Kenya.

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