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New Year, New Questions: Michael Wahman


In this latest in the series of New Year, New Questions, Michael Wahman pushes for a focus on sub-national dynamics of electoral politics in Africa, and beyond. Michael is a Swedish Research Council Fellow at the London School of Economics. He specializes in research on elections, democratization and African politics.

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Rising inequality in the Global South: Time to focus on the solutions

In this blog, co-editor Nic Cheeseman and Winnie Byanyima announce plans for a symposium to focus on tackling inequality in the global south. Nic is a lecturer and head of the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. Winnie is Executive Director of Oxfam International.

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New Year, New Questions: Cathy Boone

Catherine Boone(10-col)

In this latest post of our ‘New Year, New Questions’ series, Professor Catherine Boone highlights the need for more subnational comparative analysis in the study of African political economy, and explains how she took up the challenge in her new book, using the entry point of rural land tenure regimes. Catherine is a Professor of Comparative […]

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The Politics of Public Health in Africa: A (Very) Brief History


In this blog, Simukai traces back some of the historical roots of the Ebola crisis and other public health crises. Without understanding the political history of public health, he argues, we are not able to understand the current crises or successfully tackle health challenges in the future. Simukai Chigudu is a doctoral candidate in International Development […]

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New Year, New Questions: Sara Rich Dorman


In the next of our ‘New Year, New Questions’ series, Sara Rich Dorman highlights the need to explore the emergence of the middle class in Africa, and its relationship to the state. Sara is a Lecturer in politics at the University of Edinburgh.

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Routledge Handbook of African Politics: now in paperback (win a copy on twitter!)

  In this blog, Andrea Scheibler tells us about the Routledge Handbook of African Politics – new in paperback – that she has edited with our Co-editor Dr Nic Cheeseman, and Prof  David Anderson. Andrea is a DPhil candidate in African History at the University of Oxford, and a member of St Hugh’s College. You […]

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The Huddled Masses: Immigration and Inequality

Katy Long

In this article, Katy Long tells us about her new book ‘The Huddled Masses’ that tackles the issues of immigration and inequality, which have been at the heart of so many political debates and struggles across the globe.

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Agri-food industry growth and the land grab in north-east Africa


In this blog, Marion Dixon explores the changing food regime in Egypt, as well as the political implications of this shifting food nexus in the country, and beyond. A full account of this research has been published in the Review of African Political Economy. Marion is a Professorial Lecturer at American University.

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Incumbency and opportunity: forecasting trends in Nigeria’s 2015 elections


In this blog, Olly Owen and Zainab Usman explore the course that Nigeria’s 2015 elections could take. Their analysis highlights the possibility of a run-off election for the first time under Nigeria’s current electoral system. Olly is a Junior Research Fellow and Zainab is a DPhil candidate. Both are based in the Oxford Department of […]

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Chalwe Charles Mwansa on LGBT activism in Zambia


Earlier this year, we heard about the situation facing LGBT citizens in Zambia. Could you give us a brief update of the situation on the ground?  While lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in some sections of the world have progressed in recent years, equality remains elusive in other parts of the world, such as Zambia. On the […]

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