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Struggling for a safe, sustainable and just environment in South Africa after 2014

In this second blog of our series on South Africa beyond the ballot, Carl Death takes a look at the place of green issues on the political agenda. He argues that whilst environmental issues are at the heart of many of the socio-political challenges facing the country, they received little direct attention on the campaign […]

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ANC cruises to victory in South Africa: All eyes on 2019? Or 2017?


In this first blog of our ‘South Africa: beyond the polls’ series, Alex Beresford explores why the ANC retains support amongst the country’s electorate, and the problems that face it on the road ahead. Alex is a Lecturer in the Politics of African Development at the University of Leeds.

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Uncertainty over Michael Sata’s health in Zambia

In this blog our co-editor, Nic Cheeseman, explores rumours that Sata’s health is failing and the dilemmas the President faces as a result. This piece was initially published on the blog Presidential Power.

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A choiceless democracy?

Alexandra Lowe

In this blog, Alexandra Lowe asks to what degree donors are responsible for the lack of choice available to Malawians in this election. Alexandra is a DPhil candidate in International Development studying at the University of Oxford. 

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Recalculating Kenya’s GDP: Kenyans may pay for the appearance of wealth

Nic Cheeseman

In his column for the Daily Nation, our Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman argues that rebasing Kenya’s GDP is a positive move, which allows the country to more accurately appraise its economic progress. However, this move comes with costs, and the government must ensure that it is not the country’s poorest citizens who pay.

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A laboratory for the new citizen: Rwanda’s Itorero ry’Igihugu program and the challenges to nation-building after the genocide

Andrea Purdekova

Continuing our series on Rwanda, Andrea Purdekova explores the Itorero re’Igihugu program that seeks to provide ‘civic education’ to Rwandans across the country. She argues that we need to understand the political rationale behind such projects, and explores the repercussions of the government’s desire to pursue unity over liberty as a means to social transformation. Andrea is a Departmental […]

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(In)security groups and governance in Gulu

In this blog, Holly Porter and Rebecca Tapscott explore everyday policing and security in Northern Uganda. Holly Porter is the leader researcher for northern Uganda for the JSRP. Rebecca Tapscott is a PhD student at Fletcher School at Tufts University.

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Are newspapers on their way out?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

With a new series on media and democracy in the pipeline at DiA, our co-editor ponders the future of newspapers in Kenya and beyond.

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The Marikana Commission of Inquiry: The rule of law in post-apartheid South Africa

In this piece, Sandra Wisner takes us to Johannesburg where she spent the year assisting the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, established as the result of one of the most violent Police acts in post-apartheid South Africa. Live video footage captured at the scene garnered international attention, leaving much for the South African Police Service to […]

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Agents of change? Staging and governing diasporas and the African state

During the last decade, African diasporas have emerged as agents of change in international development thinking. Diasporas are being courted by donors, sending states, and NGOs for their contributions to development in their countries of origin, praised for their remittances, investments and knowledge transfer. In this blog, Nauja Kleist, senior researcher in the Global Transformations […]

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