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Uganda – Tension rising over push to scrap presidential age limits

Will President Museveni’s determination to remain in power indefinitely destabilise the ruling party? Or will it be business as usual? Michaela Collord investigates.

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Kenyan Supreme Court full judgement and opinions now in – read them here!

The full judgement of the Kenyan Supreme Court, including its explanation for the decision to declare the 8 August election null and void is now in, having been announced on 19 September. DiA brings you the full text, as well as the text of the dissenting opinions.

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Is Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf really standing up for women?

Robtel Neajai Pailey and Korto Reeves Williams re-evaluate the nobel prize winner and ask whether having women in power in Africa actually makes a difference when it comes to gender issues.

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On International Day of Democracy

“We have much to celebrate on International Day of Democracy – but we also have much to be concerned about” says Professor Nic Cheeseman. Click through for his video message and his full article on the state of African demrocacy today.

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Democratic breakthroughs in Africa: time to celebrate but worries still linger

With International Day of Democracy on 15th September, Nic Cheeseman takes stock of key trends and developments across sub-Saharan Africa. *****

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Biafran unrest and the shrinking national cake: what prospects for Nigeria?

Leila Demarest analyses how the failure of the South-East Development Commission Bill highlights an increasingly fragile fiscal pact in Nigeria.

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Democratic Republic of Congo’s negotiated democracy

With elections nowhere in sight and with President Kabila clinging onto power despite his mandate having expired in December 2016, Ilunga Mpyana analyses the historical precursors to the country’s political impasse in order to ascertain the best way forward.

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Quarter of election forms still missing in Kenya, as election petition deadline looms

As the deadline for evidence to be submitted to the Supreme Court for an election petition draws near, thousands of the form 34As that confirm the result at the polling station level are still missing from the electoral commission’s online portal.

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Latest analysis of the Kenyan elections from Nic Cheeseman on BBC News

Five minute interview on the current situation in Kenya, covering the results, unrest and the political outlook. Filmed at 20:00 on 12 August 2017. Click through for the video.

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#Kenyadecides2017: analysis and live updates

DiA’s Nic Cheeseman, who is on the ground in Nairobi, will be posting live updates throughout the day as the tallying process descends into controversy in Nairobi in a close and hotly contested election.

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