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Democracy and the city in Africa: a troubled but vital relationship

Tom Goodfellow

With 7 out of 10 people projected to live in urban areas by 2050, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand cities and the politics that continually shapes and reshapes them. Here, Tom Goodfellow asks: does democracy have an impact on how cities function? And, if so, what kind of impact? His answers draw on extensive […]

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The UNHCR is much better than its reputation in Uganda suggests (and needs to say so)

Will Jones

The proposed implementation of the Cessation Clause for some Rwandan refugees has prompted fierce debate. Two weeks ago, Will Jones travels to the Nakivale Refugee Settlement, in Uganda, to meet a group of refugees who have been campaigning against the move. This is his reflection from his visit.¬†Will is a Research Officer at the Refugee […]

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The M23 rebellion: an (exceptionally provisional) attempt at some analysis

The M23 Rebellion

To say that the situation in Congo is fluid would be a chronic understatement. Conflict in the east of the country, and the regional dynamics that surround it, are changing by the hour. Here, Will Jones offers us his perspective on the ongoing M23 rebellion, and the roots from which this most recent conflict has […]

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On reflection: Rwanda’s gacacha courts

Will Jones

With Rwanda’s ever-controversial Gacaca courts coming to a close last month, commentators have been avidly debating their achievements and their legacy. In this opinion piece, Will Jones searches for analytic sense between the cutting critiques and vociferous praise of the courts’ detractors and supporters In June of this year, Rwanda completed an experiment in post-conflict […]

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