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President Goodluck Jonathan under fire as election nears

Nic Cheeseman

In this blog, our Co-editor Nic Cheeseman looks at the prospects for an APC victory in Nigeria at the February polls and the rumours of potential manipulation already surround the elections.

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Je Suis Baga


In the march on Sunday, Hollande claimed that Paris was the capital of the world. Given the number of deaths at the hands of Boko Haram this month, Ian Taylor wants to know why all eyes are not on Baga.

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Pre-election rift in Nigeria’s PDP


In this article, Michaela Collord argues that a pre-election rift has opened up in the People’s Democratic Party, which has placed the  executive and the legislature on a collision course. Michaela is a PhD candidate in politics at the University of Oxford. This blog post was originally posted on the Presidential Power blog.

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Nigerian political parties: more ideology than meets the eye


In this blog, Philip Dorrell argues that, contrary to popular opinion, Nigerian parties are ideologically driven. Philip has recently graduated from the University of Oxford, having studied PPE. This article is based on the conclusions of his thesis. Philip is currently working as a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte in London

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Rejoinder to ‘why fear Boko Haram’

Hannah Hoechner

In this blog, Hannah Hoechner responds to a recent post by Eliza Griswold on Boko Haram. She argues that we  know very little about Boko Haram’s recruits but what we do know suggests that we should steer clear of sweeping claims that recruits are drawn from ‘West African madrassas’ .  Hannah is a Wiener Anspach postdoctoral […]

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Boko Haram and the Nigerian state crisis

Richard Joseph

In this blog, originally posted on Africa In Focus, Richard Joseph argues that the resolution to the ongoing conflict between the government and Boko Haram will not be solved by better intelligence, but with the emergence of a credible, democratic state. Richard Joseph is the John Evans Professor of International History and Politics at Northwestern University.

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Responding to the moral crisis in Chibok and expecting the unexpected

Sierra Leone

Last month, in Chibok, Boko Haram abducted nearly 300 school girls. In this post, Zoe Marks argues that, in Nigeria and beyond, we are failing to tackle the moral crisis this act has created. Zoe Marks is a Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. This post also appears on the University of Edinburgh’s […]

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Upcoming Workshop: Taxation and the social contract in Nigeria


Next Tuesday, 29 April 2014, Oxford Department of International Development will be hosting a workshop on taxation and the social contract in Nigeria. This promising to be a day of engaging presentations and lively discussion focusing on a topical and important issue. Admission is free. Those wishing to attend should contact Dr Oliver Owen  by emailing  […]

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A bank in suspense: Goodluck Jonathan and Lamido Sanusi


In this blog piece, Michaela Collord explores President Goodluck Jonathan’s suspension of the Central Bank Governor, Lamido Sanusi and questions what the potential repercussions of this move could be. Michaela is a PhD candidate in politics at the University of Oxford. This blog post was originally posted on the Presidential Power blog. 

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Africa could feed the world, but smallholders will be key

Continuing our blog series on agricultural politics in Africa, Caroline Kende-Robb emphasises the importance of small-holder farmers.  Caroline is the Executive Director of the Africa Progress Panel, a group of 10 individuals who advocate for equitable and sustainable policy for Africa. The group is chaired by former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

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