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Democracy in Africa: Lessons from Malawi

What are the key lessons that the Malawian elections of 2014 can offer for those studying democracy and democratisation? In the wake of their latest edited book, Nandini Patel and Michael Wahman explain. Nandini is Chairperson of Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) in Malawi. Michael is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science of the University of Missouri.

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Joyce Banda’s regime: Business (and politics) as usual


In this blog, Clive Gabay gives us a taste of his recent research into Joyce Banda’s rise and rule, which is published in full in the Review of African Political Economy. He argues that Banda never marked the break from the political status quo, as donors claimed. His analysis of the political-economy of Banda’s regime […]

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Corruption and the cabinet in Malawi

Nic Cheeseman

When she first entered the post, international donors virulently supported President Joyce Banda, hopeful that she would support a more transparent, accountable government in Malawi. Nic Cheeseman, our Co-editor, analyses the mounting allegations of corruption that are surround Malawi’s leader.

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Reflections on Feminist Social Movements and Political Consciousness in Malawi


 In this blog, Dr Simukai Chigudu analyses the emergence of women who are mobilising around their experience of HIV/AIDs, not just to campaign for ARVs, but also to question the wider structures of power and privilege that structure their everyday lives. He looks at the power of such mobilisation, and also its potential limits. Simukai […]

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Conflicts over land and threats to customary tenure in Africa today: Part One


 In the first blog of this two-part series, Pauline Peters argues that ‘land grabs’ in Africa, and the debates that surround them, have only reinforced the political importance of relations around land in the continent. Those who hold customary tenure are particularly vulnerable to foreign investors, she explains. However, whilst we need to analyse the role of […]

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Dr Blessings Chinsinga on presidents, plots, and political vision in Malawi.


The last year has been an eventful one in Malawi. In this interview, Dr Blessings Chinsinga gives us his views on the political and economic landscape of the country, critiquing Joyce Banda’s lack of vision in leadership and exploring her prospects at the polls in 2014. Since Joyce Banda became President on 7th April 2012 […]

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