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Interventions and the (de)stabilizing of sovereignty in Africa

Justifying interventions

In this post,  Nina Wilén tells us about her new book ‘Justifying Interventions in Africa: (de)stabilizing sovereignty in Liberia, Burundi, and the Congo. Nina is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow with the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) in Belgium.

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Power, peace, and space in Africa


Franzisca Zanker tell us about her work with Claudia Simons and Andreas Mehler, which focuses on the local dimensions of power-sharing in Africa. A fuller account of this research is available in African Affairs.

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Participation, constitution-building, and democratisation

Abrak Saati, doktorand

Abrak Saati tells us about her latest research, which suggests that participation in constitution-building processes does not improve  a country’s prospects of democratisation. Abrak is a Researcher at the Department of Political Science, Umeå University

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Academic questions about the ebola crisis


In this blog post, Kerrie Thornhill discusses how academics can contribute to the ongoing ebola crisis by addressing its root causes in global inequality. Kerrie is a doctoral candidate in Geography at University of Oxford. Her research on gender violence in postwar Liberia has been generously funded by the Trudeau Foundation, the Clarendon Fund, and […]

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War crimes trials: Measuring the impact in Sierra Leone and Liberia


The decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone was characterized by acts of horrific violence which led to four war crimes trials, three in Freetown and one in The Hague. Now that the sentences have been handed down and defendants such as Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia, are no longer in the headlines, Jon Silverman […]

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Ex-Combatants at the Polls in Liberia: How do elections generate legitimacy?

Johanna Soderstrom

In this blog, Johanna Söderström talks about her recent research on perceptions of electoral legitimacy amongst ex-combatants in Liberia. She interviewed ex-combatants in 2005 and 2011, and explores how their perceptions of the elections have changed, analysing what impact these perceptions shifts have on democracy. Her research on the topic has been published this year in […]

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Resources for post-conflict reconstruction in Liberia

In this blog Marco Francescon highlights the opportunities and challenges that natural resource management present for post-conflict reconstruction in Liberia. Marco has just completed an MSC in African Studies at Oxford University. Since entering office in 2006, the Sirleaf government has signed natural resource contracts worth more than $16 billion with foreign investors and granted […]

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