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Lucy Lowe on the politics of (im)mobility


The Bigger Picture Project at the University of Edinburgh has teamed up with Democracy in Africa to bring you videos from academics as well as practitioners in international development and humanitarianism. In this post, Lucy Lowe draws on her research to explore health and mobility amongst Somali migrants in Nairobi.  

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Why Kenya needs more MPs like Jean-Marie Seroney


As part of our Twelve Days of Analysis, our Co-editor Nic Cheeseman looks at the life, times, and inspiration of Kenyan MP Jean-Marie Seroney. 

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Somali Refugees and the Future of Human Rights


Lucy Lowe fills our Fourth Day of Analysis with a blog for our ‘Politics of  (im)Mobility Series’. She explores the position of Somali refugees in Kenya, and argues that we need to return to the spirit of the refugee regime erected at the end of World War II, which was intended to protect rather than […]

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Mass graves controversy highlight weakness of anti-terror strategy


As part of our Twelve Days of Analysis, our Co-editor Nic Cheeseman and Ken Opalo explore the case of Isnina Musa Sheikh in Kenya, highlighting the urgent need for investigation and justice. Ken Opalo is an Assistant Professor of African Development at Georgetown University.

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The Politics of Participation

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Participation is now a constitutional necessity in Kenya, but how should the government approach this new inclusivity? Nic Cheeseman explore the issue, as part of his regular column for the Daily Nation. 

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Is devolution in Kenya sustainable?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Decentralisation has been a hot topic in Kenya for years, but are we asking the important questions? In his regular column for the Daily Nation, our Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman investigates.

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Power, peace, and space in Africa


Franzisca Zanker tell us about her work with Claudia Simons and Andreas Mehler, which focuses on the local dimensions of power-sharing in Africa. A fuller account of this research is available in African Affairs.

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President Kenyatta’s Anti-Corruption Drive Falters

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Nic Cheeseman updates us on recent developments in Kenya, which have left commentators pessimistic about Kenyatta’s early push to eliminate corruption.

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Participation, constitution-building, and democratisation

Abrak Saati, doktorand

Abrak Saati tells us about her latest research, which suggests that participation in constitution-building processes does not improve  a country’s prospects of democratisation. Abrak is a Researcher at the Department of Political Science, Umeå University

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Securitisation on parade: Ruto and the response to Garissa


Our Co-editor SJ Cooper-Knock explores Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto’s speech in Nyeri on Saturday, and asks what the country could and should do in the aftermath of the tragedy in Garissa. With updates added on 14 April as events evolved.

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