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Are newspapers on their way out?

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

With a new series on media and democracy in the pipeline at DiA, our co-editor ponders the future of newspapers in Kenya and beyond.

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My first election day: The visual voices of Kenya’s 2013 elections


In this post, Martin Skrydstrup tells us about ‘My First Election Day’, a project that he conceived and directed around Kenya’s 2013 elections. As part of the project, 10 young Kenyans who were voting for the first time were given cameras and tasked with recording their election-day experiences. Martin has a PhD in cultural anthropology […]

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State of the nation: Kenya after the ‘fragile’ 2013 poll

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In this article our Co-editor, Nic Cheeseman, reflects back on Kenya’s experiences in 2013. He argues that the country is currently at a cross-roads, with signposts pointing both towards ethnic manipulation and civil conflict, as well as democratic consolidation and peace against-the-odds. The country’s recent elections also bear signs of these divergent paths. The future […]

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The executive is too political for technocrats to work well

Nic Cheeseman

In his article our Co-editor, Nic Cheeseman, turns his attention to the cabinet in Kenya. He argues that cabinets that provide places for technocrats can work well – as seen in the examples of South Korea and Botswana – but Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet is not. Although the individuals involved explain part of the problem, the […]

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Britain’s secret history: historians challenge UK government


Professor David Anderson and others are considering mounting a legal challenge to the FCO following their intransigence over the ‘Special Collections’ they are currently holding. Despite assurances to the contrary, these 1.2 million historical files are still inaccessible to the public and no clear timetable for their release is currently available.

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In memory of Joel Barkan, a scholar who believed in Kenya’s greatness


Following the sad news of Joel Barkan’s death, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman reflects on his life and his contribution to the study of Kenya. This remembrance was first published in Kenya’s Daily Nation.    

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The push and pull of party alliances in Kenya

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In his bi-monthly column for the Daily Nation, our co-editor Nic Cheeseman, reflects back on a workshop he organised in Nairobi. The workshop drew in colleagues from the University of Oxford  and the Institute for Development Studies at Nairobi University to discuss the impact that coalitions have on nine different political systems based on legislative data and MP […]

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Reflecting back, looking forward: Katy Long


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, and your area of interest.  I’m currently a lecturer in International Development at the Univeristy of Edinburgh.   My work focuses above all on understanding the dynamics of migration and citizenship, especially in conflict and crisis settings. My first book, The Point of No Return: Refugees, Rights and Repatriation, came out […]

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Tokenism will increase the numbers but not quality of women in politics

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Reflecting back on the Women in Politics and Government Conference in November 2013, our Co-editor, Nic Cheeseman argues we need to increase the number of women in government, but in order for these women to have leverage in their respective legislatures, they need to be seen as legitimate representatives who have earned the positions that […]

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Securing reform? Power sharing and civil-security relations in Kenya and Zimbabwe


 In this blog, Alexander Noyes tells us about his recent research, which explores the relationship between power sharing agreements  and Security Sector Reform (SSR). In many transitional countries, SSR can play a crucial role in making situations more stable and democracy more feasible. But can power sharing agreements help SSR where it matters most? Alexander is a […]

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