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Ghana decides: Opposition victory and thoughts for the future


10 December 2017: 12:00pm In our final interview for the elections in Ghana, Nic Cheeseman looks at the emerging result and reflects on the challenges that lie ahead for the NPP.

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Ghana decides: Rumours of rigging and opposition optimism


Wednesday 7th December, 15:30pm. In our second interview with Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman on the elections in Ghana, we talk about the opposition’s growing confidence in their lead and the room for vote rigging within the system.  

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Ghana decides: Update on the election


Co-editor Nic Cheeseman talks to us from Ghana, arguing that the opposition can be cautiously optimistic 7th December 23:30pm (GMT):

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Exploring dispossession: Biofuel land deals in Ghana


In this post, Festus Boamah explores large-scale land acquisitions in Ghana and the local politics that surround them. Festus is a PhD candidate at the Department of Geography in the University of Bergen, Norway. 

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NGOs and democracy in Ghana


In this article, Jelmer Kamstra and Luuk Knippenberg introduce their recent research into NGOs and democracy in Ghana. They argue that NGOs in the country play a variety of democratic roles, drawing on different types of legitimacy. They believe that there is strength in this diversity, but that this is often missed by critics who […]

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Disappointing democrats: exploring the link between democratization and electoral turnover


In this article, Michael Wahman explores the links between electoral turnover and democratisation in countries where incumbents manipulate the electoral playing field to their advantage. Although you might think that an opposition win in such cases would accelerate democratisation, Wahman argues that this is not the case: parties may see the promise of democratisation as a […]

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Africa’s Third Liberation: Transformative growth and developmental governance

In this blog, Richard Joseph shares with us the text of his talk delivered to the Ghana Center for Democratic Development on 13 March 2014. He hopes that, in sharing the text, he will bring these arguments to a wider audience and actively welcomes thoughts and feedback in comments section below this article. Richard is […]

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Political Parties and Democracy in Ghana


In this blog, Osei Anja challenges the idea that African parties are ‘weak’ by looking at political parties in Ghana. Anja Osei is working at the Institute of International Politics and Conflict Studies in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz. This blog is based on his recent article in the […]

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How Kenya can make the most of its oil and gas find?


In this blog, our co-Editor Nic Cheeseman reports back from a recent workshop at the University of Oxford held by the African Studies Centre and Oxfam on extractive industries in Africa.  

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More in common than you think: elections in Sierra Leone and Ghana


Over forty per cent of  the countries in Africa held polls in 2012, sparking a raft of electoral analysis. Here, Jonathan Bhalla gives us a new angle on that analysis by making a more unusual comparison between elections in Sierra Leone and Ghana. Jonathan is a Research Manager at the Africa Research Institute. The views expressed […]

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