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Election monitoring neither free nor fair


In this remarkable insider account of the birth of modern election monitoring, Professor Stephen Chan discusses the challenges facing election monitors and asks the big questions: why do observers often pull their punches? Has observation has outlived its usefulness? What can be done to improve it? Read his article first on Democracy in Africa … 

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President Kenyatta’s battle over the Electoral Commission

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Nic Cheeseman takes a look at the recent contestation over the Electoral Commission in Kenya, in which protesting citizens were brutally repressed by the police. Nic asks what the chances are for meaningful reform and what this tells us about Kenyatta’s personality as president. 

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Tokenism will increase the numbers but not quality of women in politics

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

Reflecting back on the Women in Politics and Government Conference in November 2013, our Co-editor, Nic Cheeseman argues we need to increase the number of women in government, but in order for these women to have leverage in their respective legislatures, they need to be seen as legitimate representatives who have earned the positions that […]

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New: The Routledge Handbook of African Politics

Profile 3

  In this blog, Andrea Scheibler tells us about the new Routledge Handbook of African Politics, that she has edited with our Co-editor Dr Nic Cheeseman and Prof  David Anderson. Andrea is a DPhil candidate in African History at the University of Oxford, and a member of St Hugh’s College.    

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Kenya’s Election 2013: an eye on the Rift Valley

Controversy surrounding the Kenyan elections of late 2007 resulted in an outbreak of civil conflict that undermined political order and national identity. In the run up to the next elections, scheduled for March 2013, Democracy in Africa will be running a series of articles on potential flashpoints. In our first piece in this mini-series, Gabrielle […]

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