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Is Katumbi’s resignation a game changer in DRC?


Ilunga Mpyana explores the political landscape of the DRC in the wake of Moise Katumbi’s resignation last month. Given Katumbi’s wealth, popularity, principles and political savvy, there may be trouble ahead for the Kabila regime. Ilunga is currently completing a Masters in Public Policy from the Blavatnik School, at the University of Oxford. 

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Phil Clark on the prosecution of FDLR members in Germany


Last week, a German court found Ignace Murwanashyaka and Straton Musoni from the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) guilty of war crimes. We asked Dr Phil Clark, Reader in Comparative and International Politics at SOAS University of London for more details. 1. Why was the case being tried in Germany? The Murwanashyaka and Musoni case […]

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Circumventing the trap of the predatory African state narrative: Reflections from research on the Congolese armed forces


In this blog, Maria Eriksson Baaz and Judith Verweijen argue that we need to move beyond the idea that the Congolese army is simply an abusive force that preys on local civilians. This depiction overlooks all the ways in which citizens make use of the army to help settle local and personal disputes. It also suggests that there is […]

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The M23 rebellion: an (exceptionally provisional) attempt at some analysis

The M23 Rebellion

To say that the situation in Congo is fluid would be a chronic understatement. Conflict in the east of the country, and the regional dynamics that surround it, are changing by the hour. Here, Will Jones offers us his perspective on the ongoing M23 rebellion, and the roots from which this most recent conflict has […]

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Living Through Elections in the DRC

The elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were contested in the context of widespread voter intimidation, accusations of fraud, and fears that the declaration of the results would spark widespread civil conflict. The election was effectively a two-horse race between the incumbent, Joseph Kabila, and the most popular opposition challenger, Etienne Tshisekedi. Vital […]

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