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Moving beyond ‘pay revolts:’ Mutinies and politics in Africa

Maggie Dwyer pushes us to reconsider how we view mutinies in Africa. Soldiers are a part of the political landscape, she argues, and their actions need to be seen in the context of broader political moments and movements in society. Maggie is a Research Fellow at the Centre of African Studies at University of Edinburgh. She […]

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Nkurunziza must leave before he gets any more blood on his hands

Editor: Nic Cheeseman

In his regular column for the Daily Nation, our Co-Editor Nic Cheeseman uses the case of Burundi to emphasise the danger of undermining term limits and ask what factors can encourage leaders to respect restrictions on their time in office.

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Political futures and political legacies in Burkina Faso

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

In this blog, our Co-editor, Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock looks at the political transition in Burkina Faso, and explores the role of the military in the country – past and present. She highlights the influence that Thomas Sankara, the country’s charismatic and principled former president, still has on politics today. This influence is understandable, she argues, […]

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