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Politics and satire in Africa: Lessons from Kenya

There are still tickets left to see DiA’s Nic Cheeseman in conversation with the legendary political satirist Gado about African politics, satire and Kenyan elections in London on Tuesday 10 October.

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Botswana: beyond the ‘miracle’

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

In this blog, our Co-editor SJ Cooper-Knock emphasises the need to start realistically assessing the political status quo is Botswana. Since the 1990s, the country’s political economy has been far from ‘miraculous’ – in fact, its been increasingly worrying. With allegations of political violence growing and optimistic experts estimating that the country’s diamond supplies will only […]

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Why elections in Bostwana and South Africa can be ‘free’ but not ‘fair’


In this article, Nicola de Jager argues that we need to take another look at Southern Africa’s ‘democratic darlings'; Botswana and South Africa. These states may have a relatively impressive democratic record on paper within Southern Africa but they are dominant party states. In practice, this dynamic places opposition parties at such a disadvantage that […]

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Reconciliation or realpolitik? Botswana’s new vice president

Sarah-Jane Cooper-Knock

This month, a new Vice President took to the stage in Botswana. Here, Dr Shane Mac Giollabhui and Sarah Jane Cooper-Knock explore the significance of that appointment and ask what it might mean for party politics in the country. Shane is a Deparmental Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University […]

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