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Free to stitch or starve: Capitalism and unfreedom in the global garment industry


In this blog, Alessandra Mezzadri argues that whilst there has been an increased amount of attention on ‘modern slavery’ and forced labour in the garment industry, there are broader forms of unfreedom that ensnare the workers who stitch our clothing. Alessandra is a lecturer in Development at the SOAS.

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The Hearing Voices Project: Building a platform for peacebuilding


In this blog, David Roberts introduces his new site, the ‘Hearing Voices Project’, arguing that there is a need for a fresh approach to peacebuilding that harnesses the internet to capture people’s hopes and plans for peace. David is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Loughborough. For more information, you can get […]

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New Year, New Questions: Cathy Boone

Catherine Boone(10-col)

In this latest post of our ‘New Year, New Questions’ series, Professor Catherine Boone highlights the need for more subnational comparative analysis in the study of African political economy, and explains how she took up the challenge in her new book, using the entry point of rural land tenure regimes. Catherine is a Professor of Comparative […]

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African Studies Scholarships at the University of Oxford


The African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford have recently released details of their scholarships for 2014-2015. Take a look below.

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The Huddled Masses: Immigration and Inequality

Katy Long

In this article, Katy Long tells us about her new book ‘The Huddled Masses’ that tackles the issues of immigration and inequality, which have been at the heart of so many political debates and struggles across the globe.

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Performing opposition in the South African National Assembly


In this blog, Rachel Johnson makes the case for exploring disruptive performances in South Africa’s National Assembly. This approach can give us a new perspective on dominant party democracy in post-apartheid South Africa. Rachel is a lecturer in African History at the University of Durham.

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Hypocrisy and forgetfulness: The critique of state capitalism


In this post, Ian Taylor tells us about his recent research on state capitalism and the oil sector in Africa. He argues that companies from Brazil, China, India, South Korea, and Turkey are increasingly competitive trading partners for countries across the continent and explores some of the unfair criticisms and real challenges that this shift […]

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Women, ethnicity and power in Africa


In many African countries, power is concentrated in the hands of the executive. Therefore, Leonardo Arriola and Martha Johnson  argue, we need to better understand how appointments to the executive are made, and what barriers exist for women who are seeking such appointments. In this blog, they suggest that in countries with a large number […]

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Preview: Authoritarian origins of democratic party systems in Africa

Rachel Beatty Riedl

Last month saw the release of Rachel Beatty Riedl’s new book, ‘Authoritarian origins of democratic party systems in Africa’, which has been published with Cambridge University Press. In this blog, Rachel tells us about her exciting research and the important contribution it makes to the study of democracy in Africa. Rachel is an Assistant Professor of […]

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Chiefs, democracy and popular participation: the case of Lesotho


In this blog, Motlamelle Kapa tells us about the dangers of ‘stakeholder participation’ in relation to the creation of local government policy in Lesotho. Motlamelle is Head of the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the National University of Lesotho    

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