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Fuelling progress in Nigeria: Buhari and the petrol subsidy


Zainab Usman tells us why Buhari must phase out Nigeria’s petrol subsidy. Zainab is a doctoral candidate in International Development at the University of Oxford. She tweets via @msszeeusman.

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Discussing women in government and politics in Africa


In this post, Zainab Usman reflects on the first Women in Government and Politics Conference for Africa, held at Central Hall in Westminster, London, which was put together by the Winihin Jemide Series. Zainab was a facilitator at the event and is also a DPhil student reading International Development in the Department of International Development, at the University of Oxford.

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Politicians’ salaries and income inequalities.


In this post Zainab Usman takes a look at the issue of parliamentarians and their pay, in comparison to that of the citizens they are meant to serve. Zainab Usman is a DPhil candidate in International Development and pens her own blog here.  

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Premature election fever and security challenges in Nigeria


In this blog, Zainab Usman highlights the importance of looking at the political context in which militia groups in Nigeria operate. As political contestation around the 2015 elections starts to grow, she asks what impact these various groups will have on the polls, and what the post-election environment might have in store for them. Zainab […]

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